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    Just did my first simplefit workout! I’m excited about finding something I can simply do at home.

    L1D1 14rounds

    I figure I kinda cheated with my pullups. I can’t do a full pull-up, but I did half chin-ups instead. Does anybody know a good description how to work up to a regular pullup?


    Welcome aboard. I got pull-ups down by doing negatives, as slowly as possible for a few sets of 5. You can substitute bodyweight rows for the S/F workouts, but I think you woul be better off with the half chins, then slowly increase range of motion.

    Just me experience, I’m certainly no expert.


    Just finished week 1! Took an extra day in between l1d1 and l1d2 because I was kinda ill and because d1 was a lot more intense than I thought!

    L1D1: 14r

    L1D2: 10:43

    L1D3: 9:34

    Pullups-> from 90 degrees up to about 120 down. Parallel grip.

    Looks like I’m still a fair bit of L2, seems kinda normal since I still can’t do a single pullup yet.

    Thanks for the tip Pilgrim1312. Indeed it feels like going backward to change to body rows from my semi-pullup so I will try to build from here.


    Just found out I didn’t read the program well enough… I didn’t do the 3min rest on D2 and did count my resting time. Will fix it next week.


    L1D1W2: 17 rounds, same pullupsubs, went from 6 squats back to 3. Happy with the progress :)

    I was wondering what the most effective method for D1 training is. Start doing rounds until you can’t manage one, then rest and retry, or is it better to wait more or less of a fixed time between every round. Any thoughts anybody? :?:



    I’m not pro about SF but in my experience since this is body weight exercise i watch for my heart rate. Don’t exhaust your self. Take it slow, as they said before reduce your resting time don’t go fast. When you feel like i cant do anymore do 1 more or 2 more :)

    To be clear about D1 (what i’m doing is)

    -i do good form.

    -never exhaust

    -rest no more then 45-60 sec

    -close to the end of workout, when i feel cant do anymore i do 2 – 5 more reps, i don’t count reps that exceeded 20 mins.

    And, don’t forget to post :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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