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    Hey all, just wondering if replacing Day one with another Day two is just as effective. I feel as though doing more reps per set will be more beneficial, even if you ultimately don’t do as many. Would you think doing a Monday and Tuesday Day 2 followed by a Friday Day 3 will be sufficient in getting into shape?

    Additionally, say i’m getting sick of doing the same three exercises over and over – could I replace one day with a day at the Indoor Rock Climbing gym? Thanks in advance.


    Hi Calcharger. The aim of SF is to work on both cardiovascular fitness , as well as muscle strength, which ultimately will get you in better shape. D1 is aimed at cardiovascular fitness, whilst D2 concentrates more on strength and building muscle. D3, if you like, is a combination of the D1 & D2.

    If you are therefor not so serious about getting “fitter”, i.e. increasing your cardiovascular fitness and endurance, I suppose you could do away with D1 and replace it with another D2. This will however have an effect on your time on D3.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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