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    Alright so after a shor hiatus due to a training accident, I’m back to continue my training.

    Today I did Level 1 Day 1, but this time I was able to complete 20 sets in the 20 minute allotment.

    Still didn’t do good pull ups, though. I’m doing the ones where you place the workout bar about chest high, and then pull yourself up while keeping your heels on the floor in case you need to push yourself up. Pull ups are easily my hardest exercise.

    Now, the body rows linked in

    http://www.fitstep.com/Misc/Newsletter-archives/graphics/pull-up-rows-towel1.jpg” class=”bbcode_url”>http://www.fitstep.com/Misc/Newsletter-archives/graphics/pull-up-rows-towel1.jpg…how do I incorporate those into my workout. Right now I intend to work out 2 days with 1 day off using the workouts outlined on this site. I don’t have a gym membership and can only work out at the station so this works for me..

    I’ll work out on duty, the next day coming of duty, have a day off, rinse and repeat.

    Thoughts? Input?



    Hey great job!

    If the pull ups you are doing are working your muscles and you are building strength then they ARE the good ones, keep at it and you will eventually be doing regular pull ups. Body Rows are excellent and you can sub them 1-1

    for pull ups adjusting the angle of your body to make the right level of resistance. Btw how did you hurt yourself, I hope you are ok.

    Keep it up!


    L1D2 16:35. Though I’m not sure I waited the full 3 minutes between sets.

    Minor Training accident, 😳 Let’s just say there was a heavy tool, about 2 stories and a helmet involved, followed by a short period of unconsciousness. 😯 More embarrasing than anything else, lots of firemen around so you know the jokes are still flying.



    Good Job, and glad to hear you are ok.


    L1D3 – 3:51

    Well under the 5 minute mark. I was able to do 1 good pull up but the rest where my heels on the floor cheat pullups. ( I got so frustrated at the fact I could only do one pull up that I did my 10 cheat pull ups and 10 body rows in addition to the pushups and squats)

    Question: Should I stay at level 1 till i can get 10 good pull ups down (may be a while) or should I move on to L2 since I was able to complete this under 5 minutes?



    Your call, in both scenarios you will make progress and that is all that really counts. Post the type of pull you used for the level in the “progress” section to keep yourself motivated towards the regular pull ups. Keep doing the body rows and negatives.

    Great work!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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