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    It’s really great to see such a supportive, helpful community online – it’s a nice break from the constant nonsense that’s usually generated by people when they get on the internet.

    Anyway, I’m a 19 year old, just finished my freshman year of college, and I’m a year out of shape. I ran cross country and rock climbed in high school, but I don’t really have time for any of that in college, and I definitely didn’t spend the year eating right. I’m 5’4″ and 150 lb, no idea what my body fat percentage is, but suffice to say that the 30 lbs I packed on since the end of my senior year of high school weren’t muscle (woops!)

    I’d like to be back in shape by the time the next school year starts, hopefully losing some of this weight and putting on some muscle. I plan to do this by incorporating a daily workout into my routine – bodyweight circuits, mostly, and by eating right.

    No concrete goals written here yet, but I’ll update with some numbers and whatnot so I can actually track real progress. I just wanted to post something to have it up here.

    – Ry


    You’re young, active and looking to get into shape. If you start immediately, you can easily be back in shape come the start of your sophmore year. I lost about 20-25 pounds the first 2 months I started simplefit. Good Luck.


    Thanks for the encouragement! I’m pretty excited about feeling good in my body again – there’s something very unsatisfying about living very fully inside your head but dragging around an inefficient, poorly functioning body.

    So, some more concrete goals:

    I weigh about 150 lb right now, I’d like to lose 25 pounds in fat, and make as much of that back up in muscle as possible.

    I want to be able to do a handstand pushup – I don’t know how far in the future that is, but yeah…

    I want to feel good about what I’m eating. Eating poorly doesn’t just result in weight gain, it leaves me feeling sluggish and generally gross. It’s pretty tough to eat well while traveling (like I will be a lot this summer) or at college, but if I actually am conscious of it, I’m sure I can make it happen.

    I want to be able to run 10 miles without collapsing in the middle.

    As vain and silly as it is, I want to be confident in my body when I’m not wearing a shirt… I’d rather not be embarrassed about the state that it’s in.


    I want to rock climb at a high level, I think I want to do some martial arts training (krav maga, maybe?), and – the real functional short-long term goal, I want to do the crossfit WODs. There’s a CF affiliate pretty near me at school, and maybe towards the end of this calendar year, I want to go to their 7 AM classes a few times a week. I think Simplefit will definitely get me in shape to do that by the end of this year (by second semester).


    if you want to get good contact strength for rock climbing do all your pulling with these


    just be careful not to overdue at fist you can hang them from your door gym they are great


    Those look great, but for the time being I’m just going to continue using the door gym; I go back to school in a couple of weeks, and when I get there, I’m just going to do my workouts at the climbing gym, where I can do my pulls on holds.

    That said, if I’m ever in a long-term situation where I’m not going to have access to a gym, I’ll definitely pick up a set.


    New goals for the summer! As I finish off my sophomore year, I’m back in more-or-less the same pickle, but confident that I can get out of it (as I did last summer, dropping weight from 150 – 140 lb by the end of the summer while gaining muscle/strength/overall well-being).

    First and foremost, I hope to stay consistent on my workout routine, and to push through when it gets hard or tiresome or when I just don’t feel like working out. This is maybe the biggest problem for me, one of sheer self-discipline and commitment to the idea that being in shape is IMPORTANT.

    Related: I want to make sure that this isn’t just a summer goal. When I get back to school next semester, I want to stay in shape. I can’t just keep getting out of shape and then fixing the problem; that’s kind of like using a container that’s constantly leaking and then patching it up every few months. I want to spend the summer getting in shape, and then finding a way to maintain that for, well, the rest of my life, really. My typical term-time excuse is that I’m busy with academic and extracurricular commitments and that those take priority, but, honestly, if my body falls apart because of lack of attention, those other things aren’t going to do so well, either.

    Nutrition is also a big problem for me: I’m going to be living on campus this summer, which means in close proximity to the same college evils that plague the school year — late night pizza and burritos, and abundant beer. I’ll be on a meal plan this summer which gives me the potential to either eat really poorly or make lots of big salads with protein.

    Okay! So, I know these are kind of nebulous goals, but it boils down to the same as everyone else really: I’m going to train hard, eat (as) clean (as possible), and be healthy. Wish me consistency!

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