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    Did L1D1 on Wednesday July 28. 23 rounds complete in 20 min. Subbed 3 body rows to = 1 pullup. I think that’s how it’s supposed to work. Did squats and pushups with no modifications.

    Super sore today.

    Did L1D2 today. Logged in my 5 rounds at 7 minutes 15 seconds (missed that part about 3 mins of rest between rounds). Still can’t do real pullups so still subbing 3 body rows = 1 pull up (so six body rows in each round here).

    Funny – bought the Everlast bar but it only fits properly on one door of my apartment because of the width of my walls and the trim – long story, but it’s sort of a crappily built apt. Glad it works somewhere!

    Been logging stuff on the SimpleFit website, but I only see Days 1 and 3 on the chart for some reason. Guess that’s OK?

    I plan on staying on Level 1 for awhile. What’s the rule of thumb when upping to the next level? How long should it take me before I can do a real pullup? My goal is by the end of 2010 which gives me about 5 months. Is this a realistic goal?

    Thanks – looking forward to keeping this up – takes virtually no time at all in my schedule!


    hi sk1 – welcome to SF!!!

    not bad results for your first two day of SF.


    What’s the rule of thumb when upping to the next level?

    there is no rule of thumb – it’s exact: if you can do D3 in under 5 min’s, you progress to the next lvl.

    enjoy the program!


    Thanks for the welcome!

    Ha, so I just did L1D3 in 5:35. So I think I’ll stick to Level 1 for one more week. Subbing 3 body rows for 1 pull-up. Pulse is racing, will do some stretching to even it out. Coming up on a 2 day rest period most likely, but going to a boxing class Tuesday night.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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