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    I’m 41, 5’8″ 208 lbs. and reasonably fit. I’ve done P90X several times with various degrees of success, Insanity once (really good results but learned my feet can’t handle daily plyo work, so won’t be repeating it) and even tried P90X2 but didn’t love it. My wife and I try to eat Paleo 85% of the week (we relax on the weekend going out to dinner) and have been pretty successful. I have noticed though that I have less energy for long workouts like P90X, which run up to 1.5 hrs. So I think I need a change and found this while searching crossfit websites. A shorter workout at high intensity. Because my weight has increased, I didn’t know how I would handle the pullups (even after P90X I’m notoriously weak with them) so I’m starting at a lower level, level 2. I usually like to do cardio on my off days and try to fit at least a half hour yoga session in each week (a product of P90X training I guess). But I’m also going to try on Day 2 and 3 to do sprints. I may do an Insanity workout for my cardio days. So these are my plans/goals.


    Day 1: 42 Rounds.

    I handled the pullups way better than I thought. I guess that just means more levels to climb up!


    Week 1 is in the books!

    L2 D1: 42 Circuits

    L2 D2: Rd1 :54.0, Rd2 :54.6, Rd3 :53.4, Rd4 :53.1, Rd5 :54.1

    D2 Sprints: 100m :20, 200m :42, 300m 1:06, 400m 1:39, 300m 1:14, 200m :43, 100m :17

    L2 D3: 2:30, 10 pullups without stopping, the last 3 I used kipping, might take a longer rest next week for better form or break up the pullups into 2 or 3 sets.

    D3 Sprints: 100m :16, 200m :40, 300m 1:05, 400m 1:37, 300m 1:08, 200m :39, 100m :17

    Off Day 1: Bike 11 miles

    Off Day 2: Yoga 30 mins, Core Work 10 mins

    Off Day 3: Jog 3.2 miles

    I thought about skipping to Lv 4 but this week work is very heavy so I’ll just move up to 3.


    Welcome to Simplefit! That’s a great start. You obviously have a very strong foundation and should move through these early levels pretty quickly. Level 4 or 5 may start to challenge you a little more.


    Week 2:

    L3 D1: 37 Circuits Around 16-20 started to struggle a little with pullups. 21-25 I was kipping to do the 2nd pullup. After Circuit 25, I really had a hard time with 2 in a row and had to pause 2 or 3 breaths before doing the 2nd pullup. Don’t know if I should have counted them, but I didn’t struggle at all with the pushups or squats. If I should only count a circuit that had 2 pullups nonstop, my number is 25, but I was done with that at about minute 13.

    L3 D2: Rd1 :51.6, Rd2 :51.8, Rd3 :52.3, Rd4 :49.4, Rd5 53.6 Did 1 round of Level 4 just to test it out 1:01.8

    D2 Sprints: 100m :17, 100m :16, 100m :17, 100m :18, 200m :39, 200m :38, 200m :41, 300m 1:05, 300m 1:09, 400m 1:39

    L3 D3: 3:40, Pushups were 5, 5, 3, 3 with 15 seconds rest between. Form was better.

    Off Day: Insanity Plyo Cardio Circuit

    Busy week so I had little time for off day exercise. But I’m definitely going to move onto Level 4 next week.


    Hi Satt, im roughly around the same level as you. but you’re definitely fitter. Are you able to do 16 pullups in a row already? without kipping i mean.

    Anyways good luck and keep up the good work. I dont really understand what u meant in your D3 “Pushups were 5, 5, 3, 3 with 15 seconds rest between. i thought you’re supposed to do them straight”


    Hi Oath, thanks for reaching out. First, I realized I wrote a typo on last week’s workout log but I couldn’t edit it. I meant I broke up my PULL UPs into groups, not pushups. I have no problem doing my pushups without stopping, even this week on level 4. But for pullups, the way I interpret the description of ‘Day 3 Judgement’ is just timing the whole thing to completion, including breaks I take resting between pullups. I absolutely cannot do 16 pullups without stopping, and this week doing 20, hah! I can’t imagine it yet. Pullups, like a said, really are a sore spot for me, so I looked at a lot of other’s logs and saw the strategy of breaking up pullups into doable chunks. I hope go grow how many I can do each ‘chunk’ and cut down on my rest time, because I doubt with resting I will be able to complete level 5 inunder 5 minutes. So just naturally by following these guidelines, I hope to get better at reps each chunk, which will cut down on my time on the judgement day. But for now, as you’ll see in my post of L4, I still have to break up my judgement pullups into chunks. Thanks for all the encouragement!


    Week 3:

    L4 D1: 37 Circuits. Very happy with this as I was battling some serious humidity today. Really paced myself, taking about 5 seconds with 2 STRONG breathes between circuits, which seemed to help with my pullup issues last week. Didn’t feel much difficulty doing 2 in a row until about circuit 25-30. Didn’t use any kipping though until 33 or so.

    L4 D2: Rd1 1:04.6, Rd2 1:00.8, Rd3 1:02.6, Rd4 1:02.6, Rd5 1:00.6

    D2 Sprints: 100m :17, 200m :40, 300m 1:05, 400 1:35, 300m 1:06, 200m :42, 100 :17

    L4 D3: 4:15, Pullups were 7, 5, 3, 3, 2 with 10-15 seconds rest between. I wanted to have a bigger improvement in reps but just didn’t have it in me. Still not disappointed.

    Off Day 1: Jog 3.2 miles,

    Off Day 2: Yoga 1hr, Core 1/2 hr.

    I know it recommends taking week 4 as an ‘off’ week and doing a lower level, but I’m on vacation next week, so I’m going to push on to level 5. I think this is where I’m going to hit my wall.


    Hope you’re happy with your results mate =D. keep up the good work. Ive lost 3 pounds since i started this program 30 days ago. im guessing i put on 1 pound of muscle and lost 4 pounds of fat since then. XD Lets all work towards our goals


    Hope you’re happy with your results mate =D. keep up the good work. Ive lost 3 pounds since i started this program 30 days ago. im guessing i put on 1 pound of muscle and lost 4 pounds of fat since then. XD Lets all work towards our goals


    Week 4:

    L5 D1: (aka the Wall) 26 circuits. Not pretty. Going up to 3 pullups really changes things and reveals my weakness. First 12 were solid form, very smooth. 13-20, the 3rd pullups I had to kip to finish. I had no problem with 2 but that 3rd pullup just was a bear each time. I still had a lot of energy and time, so I kept going for 6 more circuits but I had to pause for a breath between the 2nd and 3rd pullup. It is what it is. I’m not going to beat myself up over this, this is apparently where I need to train.

    L5 D2: Rd1 1:11.1, Rd2 1:04.1, Rd3 1:11.1, Rd4 1:10.3, Rd5 1:10.6

    D2 Sprints: 100m :18, 200m :40, 300m 1:05, 400 1:42, 300m 1:12, 200m :44, 100 :18

    L5 D3: 5:02, Pullups were 8, 6, 4, 3, 3, 2 with 10-15 second rest between. I’m very happy with my reps and form considering pullups are my weakness. I didn’t kip and definitely struggled getting the last rep of the last 3 sets but did it clean.

    D3: Yoga 35 minutes.

    Off Day 1: Bike 15.5 miles

    Off Day 2: Insanity Cardio Recovery

    Off Day 3: Sprints: 100m :17, 200m :40, 300m 1:04, 400 1:38, 300m 1:08, 200m :42, 100m :18 100m :17

    Next week I’m on vacation so I’m going to sneak in the Lv1 workout to ‘rest’. I came so close to beating Lv5 but I feel I can get some more strength gains repeating this level. Might have been amped up with adrenaline on judgement D3 because I am really surprised by my time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if two weeks from now I have some regression. I’m still happy with the results. Also, I finally felt a little tired doing pushups, right around rep 41. The last 10 were slower, so repeating Lv 5 into Lv 6 is where I’m going to live for a while.


    Very nice job. You’ll pick up those last 2 seconds pretty quickly. So, I’m guessing L6 will be the real wall.


    Thanks for the encouragement!

    Week 5:

    L5 D1: 26 circuits. Same as last week but felt tougher. Struggled after a week off for vacation. My pullups were a killer and I had to change tactics after 10 circuits and do 2 pullups then 1 with 2-3 seconds between. Not happy but I’m not surprised. Hope to do more 3 in a rows next week.

    L5 D2: Rd1 1:11.7, Rd2 1:05.4, Rd3 1:06.3, Rd4 1:07.2, Rd5 1:04.0

    D2: Insanity Pure Cardio

    Off Day 1: 15 mile bike

    Pulled my back pretty bad at the end of Insanity. Looks like I’m shut down for at least a week.


    Week 6:

    Took a whole week off to rest and recover my back. Going to start with a short week because I know that transitioning is still sore on my back, so racing through sets for 20 minutes will not do me any good.

    L5 D2: Rd1 1:28.4, Rd2 1:23.4, Rd3 1:19.9, Rd4 1:18.8, Rd5 1:16.7 Noticably slower, primarily doing the squats. Also transitions from exercise to exercise is tough, so I was right to skip endurance day. But my pullups and pushups felt strong, so I’m happy I haven’t lost much.

    D2: Bike 10 miles

    L5 D3: 4:47 I can’t believe my time! Pull-ups were 6, 6, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1 with a shorter 5-7 sec. rest. More reps but I think I got it done faster. I’m very happy with my reps and form considering pull-ups are my weakness. I only kipped and struggled getting the last rep of the 2 rep sets but still feel good. And with my back, I expected to be slower with squats, but apparently not. I got into a groove that had solid core support and good form and just pushed thru.

    D3: T25 (new Shaun T workout) Cardio 25 mins. modified for low impact

    Off Day 1: P90X Stretch (No running with my sore back)

    Off Day 2: P90X Stretch (No running with my sore back)

    Off Day 3: T25 Speed 1.0, modified for low impact

    Although my back is still sore, I liked my Judgement time enough to move up to Level 6.


    Week 7:

    L6 D1: 28 circuits. My back is still sore, a persistent minor ache that I’m still babying. So I had to move slowly thru the transitions, especially pushup to squat. Pull-ups felt better, made it to circuit 15 before I had to modify, doing 2 +1 reps from 16-28. I think my rest times are improving, which is why I did better than Level 5.

    D1: T25 Cardio modified for low impact

    L6 D2: Rd1 1:18.7, Rd2 1:15.3, Rd3 1:10.1, Rd4 1:11.0, Rd5 1:10.6

    D2: T25 Total Body Circuit modified for low impact

    L6 D3: 5:50.9 Wow that was brutal. Pull-ups were 10, 6, 4, 4, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1 I wanted to increase my numbers per set, but I don’t know if it made a positive difference. The last 9 pull-ups were ugly. And still it took me about 2:30 minutes. Not happy at all. Pushups felt tough too after 42..last 20 I had to take a few 3 second breaks. Maybe because I’m doing T25 while doing this, and there are a fair degree of pushups and plank work, but I definitely struggled more than other weeks. Squats actually felt good.

    D3: T25 Lower Body Focus modified for low impact

    Off D1: T25 Speed 1.0 modified for low impact

    Off D2: T25 Abdominal Circuit

    Off D3: T25 Stretch

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