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    My name is Scott, and I just stumbled across this site/forum. Coincidentally, I installed a pullup bar this weekend and decided to workout with calisthenics and dumbbells at home out of frustration with the nearby gym’s hours of operation. So the timing’s fantastic. :D

    I’m 35 years old, about 5’9″ and 150 lbs, formerly pretty athletic and not ready to become one of those guys who hits his mid-30s and “gives up.” I don’t know my exact measurements, but my chest measurement for suit jackets is 38 and my waist measurement for pants is 30.

    My BMI is 22.1, but I’m very unhappy with the softness of my chest and midsection.

    I’ve started to run again, and am currently running about 25 minutes three times a week, working up to 30 minutes four times a week and the occasional 5k or 10k, and then who knows? Point is, I’m trying to make running my primary sport now.

    I still skateboard very occasionally but am fearful of injuries at this point (and am therefore lame), and may get back into Brazilian jiu-jitsu down the road when my work schedule is friendlier. However, until then, I plan to see where the running takes me, and do the workouts posted here until I work up to the highest level.

    I’m starting at the beginning, at Level 1 Day 1.

    My long-term general goal is to maintain a healthy body composition and drastically improve my strength-endurance.

    My long-term specific goal is to complete the Level 8 Day 3 workout without breaks. This is a pretty heady goal for me, particularly the pullups, and I think this goal can keep me occupied for a *very* long time.

    My first short-term specific goal is to complete Level 1 Day 3 in under 5 minutes and move to Level 2.

    I will also be posting my nutrition logs for each day.

    I will post my “before” picture and Level 1 Day 1 workout as soon as I get cleaned up.

    Looking forward to it, and thanks for having me!



    “Before” pictures, Monday 7/2/07:



    No flexing, tightening, etc. I’m hoping these pics will embarrass me enough to keep me motivated. Working so far. 👿

    (I obviously also need to get to a chiropractor … I obviously have the posture of a scoliotic baboon. 😳 )


    Welcome Scott!

    You’re before pics don’t look too shabby, can’t wait to see the afters.

    I think these workouts would help with posture too, pullups really seem to work all those smaller muscles in the back.



    Yeah, those are way better than my before pictures (not getting posted unless I get to an ‘after’ picture someone could stomach). Welcome!


    Thanks, Bec. :)

    7/2/07 Level 1, Day 1

    27 rounds … after 23rd round, switched from pullup grip to chinup grip.

    Obviously a long way to go, and the pullups were the issue. I felt like I could have done plenty more pushups and hindu squats, but the pullups slowed me down.

    EDIT: Thanks as well, Andy … do you go to UCF in Orlando, Fla.? I’m from Okeechobee, about 100 miles south. (Bec, I also lived in Aus. for about a year when I was a kid, in a town named Morwell not far from Melbourne.)


    Welcome – Scott!

    I too am holding my before until I like my after well enough. Andy? Are we both vain? 😉


    Also last night: 4 sets of 10 reps with “Captains of Crush” grippers, Trainer level. The #1 level grippers are on my shopping list, but I put my prospective purchases on a “wait 30 days and see if you still want it” list. Also on the “wait” list are a 35-lb kettlebell, a pair of pushup stands, an ab wheel, and a sledgehammer, all of which are to dick around with as supplements to my main programs (running and simplefit), not as mandatory components.

    Tuesday, July 3, 2007

    a.m. run: 25 minutes running at a reasonable clip, out the front door and through the streets of my small rural state’s capital city (obviously I don’t live in Fla. now). Starting Thursday, I’m going back to running with headphones, as it *seems* like I’m running faster with music. Our city is small enough that traffic is not a significant peril.

    No ill effects from last night’s workout other than slight fatigue in my upper body, which may also have something to do with having installed my pullup bar on Sunday and doing a couple pullups every time I walked by it all day.

    As a reward for viewing this thread, here’s a picture of a prairie dog looking suspicious.


    EDIT: today’s weight, 149.5 lbs.


    Welcome Scott!

    You may want to get rings, they would replace “pushup stands, an ab wheel”

    and can do a many other things while adding a huge stability challenge recruiting way more muscles. Andy “ucffool” has posted plans and pics and there are other plans and pics in the faq section of this site.


    Thanks for butchering my username Kevin… or should I say amdin. :P

    Yeah, you can checkout my workout log for some specs on the rings I put together… I haven’t tried out using them as an ab roller, but hope to tomorrow (got rained out today). I graduated from UCF in ’02, so good catch.

    Oh, and I love that damn drama prairie dog, gets me every time.


    Looks fine to me I think the prairie dog is playing tricks on you ;)


    Wednesday, July 4, 2007

    Level 1, Day 2

    ~ 11 a.m.

    No soreness from Monday’s workout.

    Completed in 4:49. Form degraded on last pullup, i.e., had to “chicken neck” to get my chin over the bar.

    A problem with the pullups is that my pullup bar is installed in a not-very-tall doorframe, so on the first rep, I grab the bar, then drop to a dead hang and bend my knees. This gives me a tendency to kip a little, which I’m trying to avoid. I’m going to be a stickler for form, even if it means fewer reps or slower times. I don’t want to move up levels for the sake of moving up, because that’s not the point.

    (Just thinking it through as I type.)

    EDIT: 150.5 lbs.

    EDIT: Did 4×10 with grippers.


    Good plan, also consider lhang or ltuck pull ups.


    Hi Scott, welcome !

    That prairie dog photo is hilarious :D


    Thursday, July 5

    p.m. run: 30 minutes at moderate pace. The longest I’ve run for time in years. Feeling fine. :)

    EDIT: Today’s weight, 151 lbs.


    Friday, July 6, 2007

    Today’s weight: 147 lbs. 😯

    No idea what’s up with that. I don’t think I was particularly dehydrated when I got up this morning. Maybe I was just *really* bloated the last couple days …

    Did L1D3 this p.m. — 2:39. :) Will move to L2D1 on Monday. Resting and doing a few goof-off exercises with dumbbell tomorrow, probably just some hammer curls and maybe some swings if I get bored.

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