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    I have been doing SF since last September and I’m really enjoying it and have seen some good progress. I started at L1 and last Friday I did L3D3 in less than 5 minutes ready to level up. As one of the older members here I’m noticing that my recovery time is longer than it used to be and that I’m more prone to repetitive injuries.

    Shortly after I started SF my left elbow hurt from pull ups, I gave it plenty of rest and was able to do pull ups again. A couple of weeks ago I started doing extra push ups and then my right elbow became painful. I rested it and now I can do push ups again. Last week I started to do a few leg raises from a dead hang on the pull up bar and now my left shoulder is sore.

    I usually do SF workout right after waking up and don’t do any warm up. What sort of warm up is recommended and will it help prevent injuries?

    Thanks for any advice.


    Be sure to stretch and warm up before working out especially after waking when the body is cool and tight. I usually will warm up doing the same exercises I plan to do only slow and with less resistance. What do the rest of you guys do?

    This is what I put on the workout page http://www.simplefit.org/workout.html

    Warm up by going through the exercises at a super slow, easy pace, working on form for several minutes


    I do this –

    Run 400m or row/jump rope/side-straddle hops for 2 minutes.

    Followed by some mobility work (neck rotations, hip rotations, arm circles, shoulder dislocates and the like)


    2 rounds of

    10 GHD Situps (or abmat if I feel like that instead)

    10 Back extensions

    10 Overhead Squats with PVC

    10 Pushups

    10 Shoulder presses (with empty Oly Bar)

    If my workout includes one of these moves then I reduce it’s place in the warmup.


    Kevin and VBM thanks for the responses. This morning I did a 4 minute warm up on my Concept 2 rowing machine at a moderate pace (919 meters), rested a couple of minutes and then started L4 D1. I managed 7 rounds of 2/4/6 with good form in 5 minutes. It felt good but I didn’t want to overdo it as my shoulder had been painful yesterday. Today my arms and shoulder had a pleasant burn in place of yesterday’s pain.

    I think the rowing machine will be my warm up going forward.


    I usually do some jumprope work, mobility exercises, very light thrusters or presses and some shadow boxing. If some body part is sore or stiff, it gets extra warmup.


    Repetitive stress injuries can come from many causes. Other factors should also be considered as contributing to stress in all cases. Being overweight or pregnant or having high stress levels in general can certainly take a toll on certain joints. Once you have been diagnosed with repetitive stress injury, all of these factors must be taken into consideration before the most effective course of treatment can be prescribed by your doctor.


    ian, i also prefer to workout in the morning after i woke up. my warm up consist mostly of stretching and the same as vbm – neck rotations, hip rotations, arm circles, shoulder dislocates and the like.

    then, as kevin suggested, immitate what you’re about to work out. i normally stand with my feet 2 to 3 feet from the wall and then do “push-ups” against the wall. that gives the muscles that will work during the real push-up a good feel for what’s to come.

    to warm up for pull-up, i do standing shoulder / military press with a very light barbell – again to get the muscles use to the movement of a pull-up.

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