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    Whats good guys.I ran across this site and im so excited to get started.I’m 6’6,230lbs.I wanna lose maybe 10 pounds and get toned up.I’m going to be starting simple fit tommorow subing pullups for dumbell rows till I get a pullup bar.I also wanna incorporate the taebo cardio workout into this.Should I do it on the same days as simplefit,or different days?Or would this be overkill doing both?Any help would be really appreciated.


    Have you been doing a workout of some sort recently?

    I will assume “no” in my answer to your question.

    At 6’6″, I wouldn’t even think about losing the weight at all. I’m 6’4 and 240 – and feel good about that weight.

    Start with only the simplefit routine. If you haven’t been working out much (and possibly even if you have been), you might be surprised at how much this one will kick you in the arse. You may also gain weight – I did.

    What are your plans for a pullup bar? I have a door gym. You’ll probably be more cramped than I am. My standing reach is 8’5″ and I am on my knees to do pullups with the door gym…

    Welcome and keep us posted!


    U assumed right I havent been doin was planning on getting a door gym.I’ll probably be doing body rows for a min on it because i cant do a single pullup right now.will those bent over rows help me out for right now?I got 20 lb dumbells.Anybody got a good daily stretching routine?(So many questions right)Also I see your a fellow alabamian.I’m in birmingham.where u at?



    Cool! I’m in Florence.

    Can you do body rows under a table? Suggest sub is 3 bodyrows = 1 pullup.

    Also suggested is doing pushups with your upper-body elevated – hands on a stair, a chair…

    Go to and look at vids for proper squat form.

    Hang in there and remember – if it gets easy, you need to up the load!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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