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    I have been wondering why measuring rounds in a set period of time for day one is preferrable to executing a prescribed number of rounds and improving time, an example would be to set level one at 60 rounds and complete in whatever time it took. Both methods are used in SIMPLEFIT, day one measures rounds per 20 minutes, while day three sets the number of exercises and measures the time to complete. The emphasis is on sprinting in day one which improves strength endurance but also tests will. I think that a protocol of setting the rounds at a presrcibed number at a specific level and working to improve time is preferrable as it teaches pacing from the outset. Day three uses this to some extent. This method forces completion of more rounds which ultimately ought to result in faster times as strength increases. Both methods would improve endurance. Did you design the approach to avoid three really tough days? I see many folks do much beter on day three than their day one times would lead you to expect. They pace.


    I find Day 3 to be the most difficult.

    On Day 1, I make an extra effort to do as many rounds as possible and to improve over the previous week. I take only enough rest to be able to complete one round. I don’t really pace on Day 1, I’m always looking to do as many rounds as possible so I’m not sure how different that would be from doing say, 30 rounds and improving time each week. If I did 28 rounds in 20 minutes one week and 33 the next, is there a difference in workout result over if I took 22 minutes to do 30 rounds the first week and 18 minutes to do it the next?

    I do pace on D3, 1-2 reps before failure is what I try for.


    A set number of rounds would not be as flexible to a variety of people’s skill level, and could lead to a mental block. Secondly, it’s quite possible to not gain the endurance benefit when some would find the workout dragging on longer than they could. Each day has their purpose and give enough variety to keep it ‘fresh’.

    My 2 cents.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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