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    So, I’m wondering if the justification behind the bodyweight exercises of simplefit go beyond just KISS. Crossfit stresses mixed modality training and periodization. The constant variation in task keeps prevents the body from adapting to any specific exercise.

    Is there enough data to show that simplefit does not promote adaptation to Crossfit benchmark workouts such as Angie? Or is that a sacrifice that is made in favor of simpler programming?

    Note, this is not a knock on the program — I’m fully sold on it solely on the basis of some work is better than no work, and no work was precisely what I was doing. I’m also adding in Coach Rip’s Starting Strength program next week in order to address a portion of these concerns (and to just plain build muscle mass).



    Kevin can probably explain this better than I but, as I understand it, the reason for creating simplefit is to introduce people to crossfit, who otherwise would find the WOD too intimidating or beyond their physical capabilities. Thats why I’m doing it.

    My own opinion is that is a good place to start. It requires no equipment beyond the means to perform pull-ups and it solidly strengthens the core muscles. Body adaptation to the excersises will occur but there is enough flexibilty built in to the program to add and substitute (like subbing burpees for the squats and pushups on day 1) to challenge our bodies to adapt.

    As I said, this is just a place to start and work up to the crossfit WOD. Some of us my never get there, but as you correctly pointed out, doing something is infinitely better than doing nothing, IMHO.


    Good question, based upon what I have experienced myself and observed others there is enough variation to prevent adaptation and see steady strength and performance gains.

    That said I think it is hard to have to much variety and I am hard at work developing a randomized workout generator that people who have a solid base (above level 5) can integrate into the existing program. The random workout generator will take the baseline of push ups, pull ups, and squats and create a random workout based on the athletes ability, using a larger variety of BW exercises.

    Starting strength is an awesome book and I am a huge fan. I would also be interesting in seeing the protocols applied to some of the BW exercises listed here maybe you could be a lab rat.

    I really like body weight exercises because it is hard to beat them for simplicity, convenience, and economy which is the mission of this site.

    All roads lead to crossfit :) when I created this site it was my goal to make the crossfit protocol accessible to those who may not have the time resources or conditioning to jump right in to the wod, however I will continue to make this site as complete a program as possible with BW exercises packaged in the most simple accessible format possible.

    Great to have you here and thanks for the good questions, and appreciate all feedback.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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