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    I decided this year I was going to quit drinking sodas. I had developed a habit that was getting out of hand. I’d worked up to about 2 liters of Diet Mt. Dew per day. I quit on Dec 31. I hadn’t had a single one, but slipped up and bought a single can today. I took 2 sips and it doesn’t even taste remotely good. I can’t even finish it now. After only 10 days my body is done with it. Cool.

    Now if I could only do this with candy I’d be set.


    I know what you mean. I used to be a big Coke drinker but quit this past summer. Over the christmas holidays I had a sip of one, I think I’d rather drink battery acid!


    Argh, soda is my biggest vice that I struggle with. In college I drank massive amounts of soda (my record was approximately 6 liters in one day!). I’m way down now; only a couple a week but I crave it most of the time. I’m really good a justifying why I should be allowed one (ie, I need the “caffeine” for one reason or another). My fiance disapproves of my soda habit so I don’t drink any when she’s around but as soon as she’s out of sight I’m running for the convience store :-(

    Any advice on how to quit from those of you who have?


    I’m not too far removed from my soda habit, but here’s what I told myself:

    2-3 bucks a day for soda is $700-$1100 a year!!

    Soda has lots of calories. Diet soda has lots of bad chemicals. Neither do anything good for your body. Caffiene is not really necessary or good. Your body only needs it because it has had a steady stream in the past and present.

    That being said, a couple cans of coke per week is no big deal. I don’t think anything needs to be completely off limits. Soda was just designed as a liquid treat and now it is being pushed on the public as an every meal beverage. Just think of a coke like a donut. You wouldn’t eat 3 donuts with dinner, why would you have 3 refills on your coke?


    $3 a day @ 8.2 % interests is around 1 million in 52.9 years!


    Admin wrote:

    $3 a day @ 8.2 % interests is around 1 million in 52.9 years!

    OK, Dave Ramsey… :D

    I was cutting back on my soda intake pretty good last year (both because of wanting to be healthier and wanting to save what’s left of me teeth). Kind of feel off it in the past few months, but I’m trying to limit it again now.

    At some point, I’m just going to have to suffer and quit for a couple week to purge my caffeine addiction. Right now if I go about 12-24 hours without a caffeine fix, I get a massive headache. Drink a coke and it’s gone in 5-10 minutes. 😯


    It is a challenge, that’s for sure.

    The extra calories just add and add up.


    I recently quit drinking pop (soda for you New Englanders, coke for Atlanta and Michigan) and I feel so much better. I switched to Diet Coke and lost a bunch of weight, then just stopped drinking it all together and lost more weight! Plus I don’t feel as logy after lunch anymore and it drastically reduced my craving for sweets. I had a Mexican Coke (sweetened with cane sugar, not HFCS) as a treat at lunch and really enjoyed it, but that was it. No desire to have another, just a treat.

    Quitting is much easier than, say, cigarettes. Just stop. Have water or tea with lunch, and just keep drinking. It will keep your mind occupied, and after a week you won’t even miss it anymore.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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