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    37 yo Male



    D1L1 – 19 reps (5 Mar 2012)

    Last 4 reps couldn’t get my chin to the bar, but kept trying anyway.

    Day after was quite sore.

    Now preparing for D2L1, still feeling sore but confident and motivated!


    Just finished D2L1


    Took about 9mins total.

    Was still very sore, especially arms, shoulders and lats.

    Still having trouble with pull ups, esp in last couple of reps.




    Pullups are still a problem. Maxed at 5 in a row with full ROM, subsequent 5 were 3/4 or half only

    Not much of a problem with pushups, just strenuous.

    Squats are no problem at all.

    Now the big question, do I still advance to L2? Should I even advance to L3, given that the current load of pushups and squats is quite doable?

    How can I improve the pullups?

    Any feedback is highly appreciated!


    Motivation is the most important thing, so do what motivates you.

    My own recommendation is since you are close to having the full pull-ups to stay on L1 for a couple of weeks to see if you can get pull-ups up to the L1 reps.

    I alternate pull-ups and chin-ups, since chin-ups are a little easier for me. A pull-up exercise I find helpful is to do one-and-a-halfs: Start from a dead hang. Do a pull-up holding for a second at the top of the bar. Then half way down hold for another second. Then from that half-way down position go back to the top. Hold for another second and then go all the way down. Repeat.


    KTG: Thanks so much for your input! I have decided to follow your advice and stick to L1. Today I tried to vary the grips on my pull-ups and I found out that I am even worse with palms facing away (pull-ups?) than I am with palms facing in (chin-ups?). In any case, I take your first line of advice to heart and just keep doing what motivates me.

    D1L1 (Week 2)

    28 reps

    +9 than previous week (!!!)

    All cool until the last 5 reps, again can’t get all the way up. But I sure turned a nice shade of red trying!

    Otherwise, most happy with the obvious improvement.


    D2L1 (Week 2)


    Took about 6 mins total. Pullups feel quite improved, still had to struggle in 2nd rep of final 2 rounds.

    Can’t wait to see how I do on Friday!


    D1L1 (Week 3)

    25 reps

    Sadly, was too tired last week to do D3L1 so didn’t get to measure the progress… oh well, one more week on L1 won’t hurt.




    Pullups are much improved. Did 5+3+2, last 2 were v tough.

    Rest is fine, will spend another week at L1.


    Took a week off, been very very tired in the evenings. Had a bit of a stomach flu on Monday that left me really weak, so decided to take it easy.

    Now need to stay motivated and determined to pick it up again! Counting on you to keep me honest!




    23 reps

    Proud of myself for forcing the workout even though I was tired.

    Noticed much improved form in the pullups and squats.

    Tough pullups towards the end but still 90% full ROM.

    This shit might just work!

    Motivation is the hard part, the rest just happens.




    Still feeling tired, but went for it anyway.

    Did 3 sets quickly (2min) but rest took a little longer than expected.

    Happy with the results, even if it’s a longer time.


    Nice job! That’s a solid D2 time.

    The trick is keeping at it, even on the tired days. Better to do it a little slower than to let yourself fall off the program. It’s a lot easier to keep at it after a couple of weeks of doing it at a more relaxed pace than it is to get back on the horse after a few weeks of doing nothing.


    Thanks for the encourage, ktg!

    It matters!

    I really wanted to progress the levels quickly but now I see that’s a bad case of good’ole male ego.




    Skipped Friday cuz I had plans with the gf but made up for it today.

    Pullups split in 5+3+2. Last 3 were only about 3/4 done. A bit bummed about that. At least the 5 set was really solid.

    Another week bites the dust. I have decided I won’t level up untill I can do the full 10 for D3 in full form.

    Any tips? Should I do more pull ups in between days?


    I think it’s a good idea to get the form together before moving up. You’re right on the cusp with those 3/4 pull-ups.

    I don’t know the answer on doing more pull-ups. Cheapo, who is an extraordinary role model, advocates just playing on the other days. In my own experience, I think I need the extra upper-body work, so I do some extra pull-ups on Mondays (D1) and extra push-ups throughout the week. Maddog has started adding the Convict Conditioning program, so we’ll see how that goes.

    The levels are really pretty big steps, so unless you are coming into it from a pretty solid foundation, you have to accept that you are going to be at each level for a while. (I’m now on 5 months at level 5, with level 6 still far over the horizon). The motivation has to come from seeing the incremental progress each week. A nice thing about simplefit is that since the routine is the same every week, and since everything is timed you can clearly see that progress on a month-to-month basis, even if some weeks are little up or down.

    When your male ego complains, just look around and ask how many of the 37 year-olds you see can do even 1 pull-up.

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