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    Man keeping nutrition is hard!

    Week 01

    Ive got no real specifics, as Im not gonna go around, looking whats in every sandwich I eat and see how many calories are in it :P

    But I have spent week 01 really trying to cut down on all the junk I eat and move on to healthier stuff. I moved away from all the processed sugars I love so much (sniff) and really am just going for some damn good sandwiches (I go to Lenny’s, if you’re familiar with it). Actually, I just went ahead and researched it anyway. What I usually get is:

    #1 Lenny’s Combo – Hot pastrami and corned beef with finlandia swiss cheese, coleslaw and russian dressing.

    Since week 01 I’ve been getting it with no cheese. I’ve also replaced most of my beverages with water. Sometimes I’ll sneak in a Snapple or an Arizona Iced Tea.

    Actually, if you guys can offer some popular choices you always find in delis that would be good, let me know. I’d love to start eating healthier. Make sure its filling though :P

    Ive also been struggling with keeping that IF thing going. Up until today I usually broke at one point or another; right now its 9:26 and Im hungry but Im keeping tab on myself. One question.. is it alright to drink water? Or is it no water and no food, period?

    –some food log, haha :X is there a format to these we should follow?


    You are doing good, if you lost the bread on the sandwiches and replaced those carbs with an apple or some other non starchy piece of fruit it would be a huge improvement.

    while fasting drink as much water coffee and tea as you want, the more the better. Just watch the caffeine intake as IF seems to exaggerate it.

    Ultimate thing is this, we are all hooked on refined carbs if you can just eat what you normally eat but replace the refined carbs with fruit and vegetables you will see amazing results. Forget calories eat fat, just lose the refined carbs. The hard thing is that refined carbs are everywhere often where you would least expect them like high fructose corn syrup in mayonnaise, ketchup and salad dressing.


    great job, keep posting

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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