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    The stretch routine I use is here

    These are available – periodically on “On Demand” (comcast cable).

    I find this to be a good one for me.


    I’ll put my private reply to vbm here as well, just in case anyone else wants to try this:

    First impressions of this routine: There are some good dynamic moves that can be used for warm-ups and pre-workout stretching, but it’s not flexibility training at all. A 12-count is way too short for any decent flexibility work. Now I have no idea about football training, but I suspect they work a lot with heavy weights, in which case this stuff probably won’t improve their flexibility at all.

    The “hip stretch” (#10) at ca. 5:20 has no hip function, it does however stretch the hamstrings very well.

    #11, the “hurdler stretch” is no longer recommended due to strain on the medial ligaments of the knee, I have some references on this somewhere, I’ll see if I can find them.

    For stretching and flexibility info I usually go to” class=”bbcode_url”>

    and” class=”bbcode_url”> – I own Tom Kurz’s stretching book, and while it’s a challenging read, it’s the best I’ve found on the subject. See the articles section, it has tons of free info.

    The main thing about stretching is, just as with any other exercise, you’ve got to know that your goal is. Do you want to kick head high, Or are you just looking to maintain mobility?

    The myth about post-workout stretching decreasing soreness has been proven to be just that, a myth, although a cool-down with some light stretching can be good for other reasons. (I have some references here as well, but I need to dig through some bookmarks)

    Well, rather than me parroting badly, see the above links for a better explanation.


    Thanks for the info taifun!


    First off, I’m not an expert, don’t take anything I say as certain truth. If you injure yourself doing this, it’s your fault. I only tell you what I do :-)

    Ok, here are some stretching exercises that can be useful with simplefit:

    Pre-workout: As part of a warm up I usually do some hip rotations and arm swings. I have some knee problems so I will also do some knee flexes (Squats with feet and knees together, don’t go low.) Dynamic leg raises are also sometimes on the agenda, at least when I’m doing kicking drills in the warm-up. Make sure that all pre-workout stretching is dynamic (i.e. moving) but not ballistic (with force) Point is, warm-up need to be tailored to the main activity. Static stretching in the warm-up isn’t really useful.

    Post-workout: Biceps, triceps and various chest muscles.

    Moving on to the core, This stretch targets Rectus Abdominus and often neglected Iliopsoas. Then we have the obliques and glutes. For Gluteus Maximus, I usually go with this one(which could also hit the hamstrings, depending on your flexibility. Moving on down to the hip flexors, quads,hamstrings and calves The order of the exercises is top-down for easy memory. The stretching faq suggests different ordering, which is best is up to you. Stretch until you “feel” it, then hold the stretches for a minimum of 15 seconds.

    For a cool-down,passive (relaxed) stretching like this is ok. For any serious flexibility work, isometrics/pnf is necessary. Don’t do isometrics if you feel any kind of pain* or spasms while doing relaxed stretching.

    * Pain as in real pain, not tense muscles or general tiredness :-)

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