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    Call me Chris (the initials ‘TBB-BBM’ are family).

    Currently: 43 yo Male, 5’8″, 178 lbs, W. Minneapolis Suburbs. In ‘decent’ shape (some ab definition, no four pack or six pack or anything like that, still have a bit of fat to get rid of).

    I started this whole ‘get in shape’ thing from an obese and very out of shape place—-265 lbs as of 12/2008 (2 years ago this week is when I started and made a promise to myself to turn things around). So I’ve lost close on 100 lbs, without starving myself or doing anything too crazy or radical, just eating a lot better/cleaner and exercising. I feel like I’ve ‘turned the clock back’ 20 years (or more). Frankly, I do not recall ever feeling this good in my teens and twenties, when I was in reasonably good shape from running. So ‘turning the clock’ back may not be a good analogy.


    -Steadily, but radically improve my pullups.

    -More muscular definition (I’m fairly strong at this point).

    -Weight 158-168 lbs (I think 10-20 lbs off of 178 at 5’8″ doesn’t sound too extreme—I think I’ll still be reasonably muscular and certainly more defined).

    -Waist: Currently 33″. Target 29-31″.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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