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    Hello All.

    I am new to this site and found it through MDA. I had no idea what level to start from so I started at L1 even though that was/is too low.

    So, L1D1 done yesterday. 45 rounds complete in 20 min.

    L1D2 tomorrow.

    I will try and post progress here. I am not very good about sticking to workouts much less logging them somewhere.

    A little about me: I will be 34 in 2 days. I am married and have a dog. We are working on kids. I was very athletic growing up. I started as a gymnast at a young age and quit when I was 12 to pursue other sports. Gymnastics gave me a great base for all of my athletic endevors and I think good muscle memory. I play softball twice a week now for fun and exercise. I have not worked out in a routine for almost 2 years and the last time lasted for about 2 months. Every now and then I will bang out some pushups or pullups but not even on a monthly time line. I am hoping to regain some strength and endurance by trying SimpleFit.

    Personal Stats:

    Age: 34

    Sex: Male

    Height: 5’7″

    Weight: 135-140lbs, depends on the day or week.

    H and W are about the same as when I graduated from highschool.


    I should also say that I am sore today. Feels good though.


    Extremely sore today. Went ahead and did day 2. Just hanging from the bar hurt when I started.

    Did L1D2 in 2:58.

    I can’t wait until the soreness dies down a bit. I am sure it will over the weekend.


    Nice start! I suspect the gymnastics program will start showing through pretty soon. That’s a great base.


    Thanks KTG.

    L1D3: 1min, 38seconds.

    I should have done this yesterday but just did it today. I think I am going to post every workout until I get to the I can stick with it point.



    So I fell off the wagon. I hope to get it started again tonight. I will start with L2D1.

    I had some shoulder pain, so that is my excuse. It feels better but I am going to take it easier on the endurance days.


    Great to see you back and look forward to seeing your progress.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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