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    Listen to your elbows for tendinitis if you have progressed really quickly, you do not want it. I bring this up because I have had it and it really sucks, takes 6 weeks of rest to go away and I do not want any of you guys to get it. The thing is our muscles adapt faster then our tendons and connective tissue.



    I have every “itis” you can think of and I’m using Tommy Kono elbow, knee and waist bands and found they heat up the affected area as well as providing support.

    I also bought and use Clair Davies Trigger point book.



    That trigger point book is great. Icing for 30 min each day is also very good.


    I’ve had tendonitis inside my left elbow since about day 2 of my simplefit training. I just live with it and continue working out.


    I am not a physician, but if I were you, I would be icing my elbow once a day for 15 minutes to keep the inflammation at bay. Acute tendonitis will force you to stop exercising and make you miserable everyday until your able to reduce the inflammation. Its your call, though.

    I’ve developed acute tendonitis in both ankles from running in the sand while training as a beach lifeguard. Running became impossible and walking was tortuous. I’ve also had acute tendonitis in my right elbow and acute bursitis in my right shoulder at the same time. Quality of life was very bad until I started treaments. I took cortisone shots for the bursitis which worked quickly (though recieving the shots themselves are painful) but it took a couple of months for the tendonitis to subside, with agressive icing. I still get twinges of it. I don’t like tendonitis!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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