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    Level 1 Day 1:

    Substituted 3x jumping pull ups for single regular pull-up.

    17 rounds in 19.5 minutes.

    So, I’m in my late thirties, 6’1″ and just over 300 lbs. I’ve been over weight most of my life, but despite that quite fit. I. In the last few years, I’ve gained about 50 lbs and started to notice things like breathing heavy going up stairs. Time to do something about it.

    Anyway, I’ve tried crossfit, but don’t have the equipment or base fitness to do it, so after some searching, here I am.


    So, I noticed the consensus around here is to post logs weekly.

    After day 1 (posted above) I tried to do something on the in between days. Where I live, winter’s coming and I don’t have the gear to do outdoor cardio (e.g. run), but I do have Kettlebells (16 and 24Kg) and some dumbells, so…

    “Off” day 1 – Tabata Kettlebell Swings (two handed 16Kg KB) – Swings per active round: 9 min, 12 Max. 5 min ab workout.

    Day 2 (level 1)- 8:46. Again, subbed 3x jumping pull-ups

    Off day 2 – Tabata Kettlebell Swings (same as above) – 8 min, 10 max. 3×10 KB clean and press (16Kg KB).

    Day 3 (level 1) – 4:07. Broken down to pull-ups 15, 8, 7 – pushups 15, 6 – squats 11, 10.

    Overall, I feel pretty good. My lower back is sore (was before I started this week), so I have to warm up more than if it was healthy, but I was able to complete the workouts without causing any damage. I was gasping for breath pretty hard at the end of Day 2 and Day 3, but again, never at risk of hurting myself, so win.

    For future weeks I plan to do a Off day 3 workout, but I’ll be traveling tomorrow and next weekend. Next week I’ll be away form home and wont have access to a pull-up bar. I’ll be checking around for a substitute, but if not, are there any decent bodyweight subs I can use for the week? Burpees?


    Well, last week was a bit of a bust. Visiting family and I really found it hard to be motivated to find the time to do this and without a pull-up bar it made it even harder. I didn’t time my workouts at all and, in fact, took a full recovery between exercises/sets. Anyway:

    Sunday – went hunting and helped a buddy pull a deer 30 yards through the woods, clean and quarter it.

    Monday – Didn’t do L1D1 instead 3 sets of push-ups 15,10,10.

    Tuesday – Went for a hike and helped dig a trench for a couple of hours.

    Wednesday – L1D2 substituted 6x sit-ups for pull-ups (I know not the best).

    Thursday – Really bad headache, didn’t do anything.

    Friday – L1D3, substituted 21x sit-ups for pull-ups. Felt guilty for slacking all week, so did another 21 push-ups and squats in the evening.

    My back and leg are hurting (I think it’s sciatica), so I’m going to try some stretching and back yoga on the off days for a week or two to see if that helps. I will be back to L1D1 tomorrow.


    Hey Mate,

    When you say your back is hurting is it your lower back? If so that is usually a sign of tight hamstrings.

    I’ve had trouble with mine for a long time and the stretch I would recommend is this:

    Lay on your back and put your feet up on the wall. Keep your butt as far from the wall as you need to so that your legs are straight. Eventually you’ll be ‘sitting’ right on the wall.

    I use this for my cool down. Just lie there, stretch, and breath deeply.

    If you don’t have access to a chin up bar then just do the pushups and squats for that workout and redo the week next time.



    Thank you for the info and stretching suggestion. I will definitely give it a try. The pain I’m feeling is telltale sciatica (started in the lower back and now radiates down through the buttocks and leg on my left side), though I haven’t been to the doctor to have it formally diagnosed. In my case, it’s likely that my weight and weak core strength are acting to put pressure on the nerve. If that is so, then the answer is to lose weight (why I’m here) and stretch to loosen and strengthen the muscles in my lower back (hopefully) to release the pressure.

    Like I said, last week was a bit of a bust, didn’t want to be making a bunch of noise in the house to wake everyone up at 5am…excuse, excuse, etc. But back home know and did L1D1 this am. I will post the specifics on the weekend with my weekly update.

    Again, thank you.


    No problem!

    Something else you may want to try is performing your workout at noon, then having a shake for lunch.

    Look up intermittent fasting – tons of success stories. Plus NOBODY can begrudge you for working out at lunch time rather than eating. Even doing it M-W-F is a big reduction in weekly calories, plus you’ll find the time for the workouts.


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