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    Well, the main short term goal is to beat the old man at a half marathon before he turns 60, which is sooner than I’d like. I’ve got the running down I think, but I don’t want to just be a runner (and I need to keep passing air force fitness tests) so some sort of strength training is necessary. I hate lifting weights, so I went looking and stumbled across this (and crossfit, but I’m not that hardcore)

    So on to goals. I’m not sure I have definite ones in terms of simplefit, especially since tomorrow will be workout number one. Mostly I think just to become happy again with my body, not how I look so much but what I can do. I want to delay the thought “I could do this when I was 16, why can’t I now?” for as long as possible, and this seemed like a good way to achieve that goal. Other than that, hello all, and hopefully I’ll post log entry #1 tomorrow.

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