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    I work long hours and get up early. I am not having trouble doing the daily routines but I am having trouble not wanting to skip a day ie using two days rest now and then rather than do it Monday Wednesday and Friday. The protocol seems to emphasize the Monday effort. If you work hard enough Monday, Wed is then of sufficient difficulty to be useful- it can really hit you hard despite it being an easy workout. I attribute this to residual impact of Monday. Frankly one can tell Wednesday whether or not Friday will be below 5 minutes or not if you can follow a similar pace except that by Friday I want to skip a day and do it Saturday. I think that the third work out , the test, enables progression without impatience but wonder if there is more science to it than that- I read a post where Admin cited day two hormonal activity as beneficial. I also see the week as avoiding CNS failure. If we newbeees did day 1 three times a week we would quickly fry the CNS-this answers for myself a question I posted earlier. So are the rest period important or can you adjust to optimize.


    Wow, that was a bit hard to follow.

    I workout Tues, Thurs, Sunday, that way giving me ample rest before test day, where I also run a farther distance.

    Just sharing.



    Are you referring to the rest period on day 2?

    3-5 minutes between sets provides ample time for full muscle recovery. If day 2 seems way to easy use a more aggressive angle so that you are about 2 under failure for each set.

    or rest between days?

    There workouts are pretty hard on our tendons which need about 48 hr to completely recover so to avoid potential tendinitis we have the 48 hr break.

    Hope that helps



    1. can we take 72 hours rest now and then and achieve essentially the same benefit in endurance. I am often totally fried by Friday and want to wait till Saturday.

    2. I have a goal to do Murph on Memorial Day. Regarding this goal would I be better served doing day one to 100 pull ups, 200 push ups and 300 squats and monitoring my time now and then rather than the 20 minutes RXd? I would do day two and three as written in the simple fit plan to avoid overtraining. I would not do this every time maybe one in three.

    3. Is the kip initiated by pulling the head back at the top of the pull up this points the chest at the bar and raises the legs which then can be whipped down which I think is a kip.


    72 it 100% fine I often find only working out 2 times a week means bigger progress when I have been working out hard and allot. The slowest progress I have ever made was when I worked out every other day. Everybody has different recovery needs find what works best for YOU. Also 8-10 hours of sleep as often as possible will make a huge difference in recovery time.

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