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    Hello! I came across this on Mark’s Daily Apple forum. I’ve been doing something similar for the past few weeks but I like the community aspect of this site. Lots of great info!

    I just recently purchased a pull up bar and I can do ZERO 😳 . But, that’s okay, because I’m doing this to build up my strength. It’s always been a goal of mine to build my upper body strength.

    Tonight I did L1D1. I used a chair to assist with pull ups (3 subs = 1 pull up). Push ups were done on my knees and I’m fine with the squats, I’ve got pretty strong legs.

    15 sets completed in 20 minutes. Certainly a number that I can work on as I continue this. I’m going to be sore tomorrow :)


    Definitely sore today, but in a good way. Looking forward to tomorrow with my 5 rounds for time.


    L1D2 5 rounds @ 3 min 52 sec.

    2 pull ups (6 chair sub)

    6 push ups (knees)

    10 squats

    Rounds were done this morning during my fast. Surprisingly, I had the energy for this as I usually work out at night when I get home from work. Then again, it is Saturday morning, so the prospect of no work would explain my energized nature…

    I’m pooped :?

    I may do some sprints tomorrow and push L1D3 for Tuesday to give myself some recovery time. Or I may just enjoy my weekend and bask in some lazingess and do D3 on Monday. I’m really enjoying this :)


    L1D3 for time 5 min 03 sec

    10 pull ups (30 chair sub)

    21 push ups (knees)

    21 squats

    My heart is PUMPING 😯 ! I’m frickin’ tired but that felt good. I think I’ll need to stick at level 1 for a bit. I don’t think there is anyway I can progress to higher levels considering all the sub pullups and knee push ups I have to do. I could barely get through today.

    It’s certainly an eye opener as to how out of shape I am. I’m slender and I look strong, but I’m a kitten… A couple of days rest and back at it!


    Well done!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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