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    Hello world!

    Been looking for something simplefit-ish for ages, and saw a link to SF in Grumpy Caveman’s sig on Mark’s Daily Apple last week.

    Initial thoughts are that it’s close to what I used to do by myself but has more structure so maybe I’ll stick to it – a year ago I was doing twice-weekly sessions of dips, squats, pull-ups, push-ups and sprints but I think I just got bored and lazy. I like the levels idea, and the variation across days is good.

    I do a little bike riding and running (bike to work and back, not far, and run somewhere between 4km and 10km twice a week). But I have no upper body strength at all, so hoping SF can fix that up. I can just barely do two pull-ups at the moment, so I’m concentrating more on form that anything else at the moment .. not really timing anything just yet. I feel like when I can do L1 properly I’ll start timing.

    Diet is a variation on primal/low carb, has been that way for 2 years, lost 30kg in the first year. Not pudgy any more but certainly not in the shape I’d like to be either.

    So, to catch up the worklog:

    Last week:

    Started with D2 cause it was late in the week. And I didn’t like the look of D1 out of the gate!

    L1D2 – was hard, was very sore after, didn’t read the “rest between sets” line properly, so didn’t.

    L1D3 – was hard, didn’t time a thing. Did tiny sets of 2 or three, and just kept plugging away.

    This week:

    L1D1 – around 21 rounds (using subs for pull-ups after 5, subs for pushups after 13).

    L1D2 – was fine with this. lots of rest. form was a bit rough towards the end (leaning on my dominant side). untimed.

    L1D3 – to come!

    All in all, 1.5 weeks in .. not sore, and very much noticing the difference in my shape already. Looking forward to that continuing.


    welcome to SF tmech. i am sure that you will enjoy the program and that you will stick to it, cause as you say: “I like the levels idea, and the variation across days is good.” that is what makes SF so interesting and most of all, challenging!

    as for: “I have no upper body strength at all”, you are definitely at the right place. SF will sort you out in no time at all!

    best of luck!


    Ruli wrote:

    as for: “I have no upper body strength at all”, you are definitely at the right place. SF will sort you out in no time at all!

    best of luck!

    Thanks — L1D3 today .. subbed pull-ups after 5 but did it all in 8:17 .. so I think I could have done it “properly” in 20 minutes. I am going to have to stop subbing.

    I love how easy it is to improve when you’re this out of shape! ;)


    So, L1D1 again .. 20.

    That was hard, hard, hard, hard. I did I think 7 actual pullups and then subbed .. three for one “australian pullups” just felt like cheating so I did one round of those, confirmed it wasn’t hard enough, and went with negatives (jump up, slowly down). Then decided that just resting longer I might be able to continue with pull-ups, which turned out to be true so I slowed right down for the last five.

    Didn’t have to sub at all on push-ups, so I’ve improved there (subbed . Squats were easy.

    I am thinking next week I won’t be subbing at all, and will just take nice long rests right from the start. Onwards and upwards!


    L1D2, 3:38 … lots and lots and lots of rest in between. Last two sets of pull-ups I threw in a negative as well because I knew I wasn’t making it over the bar properly.

    No subs, and no “oh my god I’m going to die” moments this week either. That’s improvement.


    So this morning, L1D3 – 4:29!

    Basically sets of 1 pullup/chinup, and rest to get through those.

    Then sets of 6 pushups + one of 3.

    And then squats 21 straight.

    Will stay on level 1 next week because I have a bit of a cold and am due for a “rest” week anyway.

    I would never have thought I would be able to do L1D3 almost “straight” in just three weeks. This game is fun! :)


    week 4:

    L1D1 – was stupid and managed to upset something in my shoulder/neck on about round 10 (because I was racing the clock). Lesson learnt. 19 rounds.

    L1D2 – untimed, pullups hard, the rest fine.

    L1D3 – after a few days off this was interesting! not too hard, but challenging. chinups in 3/2/1/1/1/1/1 format and pushups in 5/5/5/4/2 format and squats straight through. Came after an 8km easy run.


    Week 5!

    L2D1 – 18 rounds, subbed after 13.

    decided I’d see if not resting as much, and just subbing once I couldn’t do “proper” versions was harder. and yes, yes, it is. So I’ll continue to allow subs for a while. But no progressing until I can do a level “properly”.

    L2D2 – 5:24, subbed on last 2 rounds (and form was bad :P )

    long rests. Felt a bit sore after, but a light jog fixed that up. Feeling used but not abused today.

    L2D3 – 10:00

    but to be fair , was waiting for my girlfriend to do D1, and took it nice and slow, and had done D2 the day before. So I’m ok with 10 mins for that one. It’ll be a lot faster next week.


    Week 6:

    L2D1 – 22 rounds.

    Subbed on pullups after 3 rounds. I tried a new playground out, but the bars were too thick to get a good grip. No subs on pushups which is an improvement. So I can do L2D1 “properly” aside from pullups now. Interested to see how D2/D3 go this week!

    L2D2 – around 5:20 I think. it was a week ago now!

    L2D3 – untimed, and 3 days later than expected. Ah, the joys of public holidays! About 10 minutes.


    tmech wrote:

    This game is fun! :)

    Keep it up.

    On paper SF is boring, but the competition (with oneself) really spices things up!


    cheapo wrote:

    On paper SF is boring, but the competition (with oneself) really spices things up!

    Thanks cheapo — your progress is one of the things that made me decide to start SF properly. :)


    Week 7:

    Did 3/5ths of a L2D2 but due to what feels like a bit of tendonitis decided that I’d just cut my losses for the week and take some time off – especially as my elbow started to feel a bit off after the third round.


    Week 8:

    Rest week! Weirdly, it lined up nicely with running a half marathon on Sunday … so I feel like I’ve earned some time off!

    L1D1 – skipping it, to rest arms a little.

    L1D2 – skipped!

    L1D3 – skipped!



    Elbows still a little “twingey” so will be doing subs without feeling bad about it!

    L2D1: 21 rounds, subs only on pulls and only last two.

    found this incredibly easy! rest weeks are amazing!

    L2D2: untimed

    L2D3: 4:30 (all pull-ups subbed for body rows)

    really not sure what to do with myself .. subs for pull-ups aren’t challenging but actual pull-ups destroy me so quickly. Did an all-subs D3 just to confirm to myself that I can break 5 minutes at it that way. Elbow feels fine, no pain from it in two weeks now.


    Week 10:

    L3D1 – 23 rounds (real pull-ups for first two sets, then subs)

    L3D2 – 4:57, no subs

    L3D3 – 7:50, no subs.

    Felt very “weak” on D1, wasn’t sure why … then came down with the worst viral stomach-bug I’ve had in the past few years. So I’m guessing that was why I was so ruined, and couldn’t do more than two sets of real pull-ups.

    I only just realised that I was doing full dead-hang pullups previously, which are a lot harder than reversing before hitting a dead hang. So I was doing sets of 2, much faster … but not full end-to-end pullups. Still working hard though, and was prepared to be a little cheaty this week with sickness and all.

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