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    Well summer is officially over and even though we’re still having nice weather where I am, the temperature in the evenings is slowly and steadily getting colder and colder. This has gotten me to thinking about the temperature’s effect on my training as the winter months move in.

    I workout in my garage which is uninsulated so this winter the temperature could dip below -20C/-4F depending on the type of winter we have. I will trade my shorts and t-shirt in for sweat pants and a sweater, and probably add a pair of light gloves. I will also probably have to warm up a bit more before I start but is there anything else I should be taking in to consideration? Should I adjust my breathing in the cold air?

    Does anyone else train in the cold?


    I workout outside… in Colorado… so I will be. I’m interested in people’s responses here.


    I don’t have to worry about it too much here in SC but I’ve lived in Alaska and actually did a 5K in a snowstorm at the South Pole (honest!). It’s called the Scott Hut race. I was so exhausted running that thing but it was a blast!

    My biggest issue is my lungs in cold weather. Feels like they are on fire when I workout in the cold and I cough for hours when I’m done. Most likely its bronchial inflammation but I know folks workout in it (mostly running) and have no problems.

    One of the things learned years ago is to make sure you are good and warmed up. Kinda like your car. Lubricating the joints is a wee bit more difficult. Especially if you are gonna workout in that kinda weather at -20!

    I can’t imagine grabbing my pullup bar and being able to complete pullups in that weather without some serious insulation.

    This will be an interesting challenge for you I think and I would love to hear how you overcome it. I’m still battling the running in the cold thing. I just can’t do that and then see patients. They all think I’m sick heh.

    I was born in Colorado in the Springs UCF. Grew up there pretty much. Been years since I’ve been back though.


    Bri, ill be going to Fort Jackson, SC this January for Basic training. What can I expect weather-wise from your state?


    I’ve worked out a little in the cold before. Definitely pay a little more attention to the warm up, for sure. But once you’re warmed up everything should be the same. For the cold air, I think it helps to try to inhale through your nose as much as possible. That allows the air to warm up at least a little bit before it gets to your lungs. Also, remember to stay hydrated. You won’t sweat as much as in warm weather, so it’s easy to forget.

    Anyway, that’s what I’ve done in the past. You may want to Google on it a little for more “expert” advice.


    Hi Male,

    Well Winters are pretty mild here so shouldn’t be too bad. I haven’t been here long. Came from Alaska and I thought this last Winter was summer pretty much. Haven’t worn any kind of jacket yet.

    course now I say that you’ll get here and it will be the worst winter on record hahahahaha

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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