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    Was thinking about this today while I was getting ready for my workout. I normally use my iPod to listen to music, but when I’m at home, I just don’t like to do that. I use a cd player so I started compiling CDs of music. Just figured it might be a fun idea to share lists of songs for people to check out and listen to during workouts. Also help people find new bands/genres they wouldn’t listen to normally.

    Anyways, my CD I made up tonight:

    *Anberlin – Godspeed

    *Anberlin – There Is No Mathematics to Love and Loss

    *Anberlin – Reclusion’

    *Anberlin – Paperthin Hymn

    Crystal Method – Name of the Game (edited)

    Crystal Method – Born Too Slow

    *Needtobreathe – Knew It All

    *tobyMac – Ignition

    *tobyMac – The Slam (as heard in many commercials)

    *Tyler Bates – Fever Dream (metal riff in 300 as the Spartans meet the barbarians – think of the scene when they take out the rhino)

    *The Classic Crime – The Fight

    *Decyfer Down – Fight Like This

    Sevendust – Enemy

    Sevendust – Praise

    Trapt – Headstrong

    *Dead Poetic – Cannibal vs Cunning

    *Dead Poetic – Narcotic

    Dope – Take Your Best Shot

    Covers a decent range of stuff, cause somethings get me pumped because of what they’re associated with (ie – Fever Dream) or just what mood I’m in. Anything with an * means it’s something that you don’t need to worry about profanity. Stuff without it just means I can’t remember.


    I find that music is of utmost importance during a workout. “Back in the day” I thought that – along with wearing worn-out workout gear – I HAD to listen to HEAVY stuff for it to count as a workout. I would put on the Pantera (Vulgar Display of Power), Sepeltura, Prong, Megadeth… I realized one day that all I could focus on was the music! I wanted to drop everything and start thrashing around and screaming the lyrics. I guess I’m ADD.

    One day I was hiking and listening to a meditation tape (yes a cassette – remember those?) and found myself pushing hard with a more focused attitude. So, I started to listen to this style whenever I workout! Amazing results! Now I look for meditation, ambient, drone stuff for my workout.

    Some favs:

    Quiet Heart/Spirit Wind (Native American and Asian flute)

    Philip Glass

    Ravi Shankar – Chants of India



    J.S. Bach


    I think I read a study showing that music can really improve the output of a workout. I will see if I can find it.


    Admin wrote:

    I think I read a study showing that music can really improve the output of a workout. I will see if I can find it.

    I know I run harder when Im getting tired and a great song that inspires.


    Wanted to pull this one back up.

    Had a good workout this morning with Ozric Tentacles playing.


    During Day 3 (when I was doing level 1, I was fast enough), I used two songs:

    — Lit – Over my head (pull-ups/bodyrows)

    — Robert Randolph & The Family Band – Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That (push-ups and squats)

    I haven’t settled on other tracks, though some Christina Aguilera (Dirty album) has worked for day 1 stuff.

    On day 2 I like mello stuff in my ‘rest periods’.


    I created a new best workout widget through amazon here


    Two faves on my Ipod :D

    Falling Away From Me – Korn

    Stricken – Disturbed


    Anybody in here use Pandora?

    I have been using their site a TON.

    I also listen to a lot of other internet radio somafm is a fav.


    Yeah of course, Pandora is the best of the best. I’ve bought 2 cd’s so far from its recommendation engine.


    Same here – Why the record cos. are trying to stop this is beyond reason.


    Well, I used to use pandora until they had to close for non-u.s. residents. I’ve moved to, which is not quite the same, but near enough.

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