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    First time here, but came across the plan & started training this week.

    Been doing a few push ups at home which has ached a little, but feeling a good improvement. Had trouble with the pull ups, but figure I just need to work on technique & pace…it’ll come…IT’LL COME!!!

    LV1 D1 25

    LV1 D2 24mins

    LV1 D3 …will let you know tomorrow!


    Welcome Tzu

    I am still on level 1 myself and have struggled to get the pull ups going! I have stayed on level 1 until I can complete the day 3 workout correctly with no substitutes, I am much better now and hoping to level up very soon! Even just in the 14 weeks I have been doing the work outs I have seen progress of some sort every week and changes in build and physique!

    Your time for day 2 seems to be a bit high though, I think you may have included rest time. I have been using this site for over 3 months with many questions and only saw thisyesterday, its a great guide!

    It should be a sticky really!!

    Good Luck Mate!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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