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    Hello everyone

    I’m 23 years old, used to practice martial arts every day but since I started teaching it’s been increasingly difficult to train as much as I used to (got to keep an eye on student’s form).

    I’m 1,75 m, 76 kg. (That’s about 5’6″ I guess and 170 pounds?)

    I’ve always had a tendency to be overwight, about 3 to 7 kilos maximum.

    Started today this program to complete my cardio routine. My goal is to do Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

    So, this is it:

    Week 1 — WORKOUT 1

    5/4/2007 – L1 D2 2min,11sec (90 sec rest)

    7/4/2007 – L2 D3 1min,19sec

    Week 2 — WORKOUT 1

    10/4/2007 – L3D1 41 reps (30 to 45 sec rest every 5 rounds)

    13/4/2007 – L4D2 3min,54sec (60 sec rest)

    15/4/2007 – L5D3 4min,40sec

    Week 3 — WORKOUT 1

    17/4/2007 – L6D1 24 reps (30 sec rest every 6 rounds)

    20/4/2007 – L7D2 7min,7sec (90 sec rest)

    21/4/2007 – L8D3 Missed!

    Week 4 — WORKOUT 1

    24/4/2007 – L8D1 16 reps (30-45 sec rest every 4 rounds)

    26/4/2007 – L8D2 Completed

    28/4/2007 – L8D3 Completed

    Week 5 — WORKOUT 1

    1/5/2007 – L8D1 Missed!

    3/5/2007 – L8D2 Missed!

    5/5/2007 – L8D3 Missed!

    Week 6 — WORKOUT 1

    7/5/2007 – L8D1 17 reps (30 sec rest every 6 rounds) (did elevated feet pushups: feet were arms lenghth high)

    9/5/2007 – L8D2 9min,37sec (120+ secs rest)

    11/5/2007 – L8D3 Completed

    Week 7 — WORKOUT 2

    14/5/2007 – L7D1 8min,41 sec (90 sec rest)

    💡 16/5/2007 – L7D2 8min,52 sec (90 sec rest)

    To all forum users and fellow simplefitters, keep up the good work


    Welcome! Eventually you want the workouts to take around 15 min.



    To the Admin or other fellow Simplefitters: chin ups OR pull ups? What do you think?


    Alternate them. I don’t think one of them is better than the other.


    Chinups are easier working your biceps more than triceps and deltoids you would benefit from a regular pullup.



    Thanks for the replys. Chinups are clearly easier, on a proportion of 3 to 1 I feel (1 pullup for every 3 chinups).


    UPDATED 17/4/2007

    Will be jumping to L7D2 next thursday.

    Cya SFs


    UPDATED 20/4/2007 with L7D2

    Will be moving to L8D3 next Sunday


    UPDATE 24 / 4 / 2007


    After missing the workout mapped for 21st April, did L8D1 yesterday, the 24th. This time I chose to reduce my rest times, in order to keep a continuous effort. Didn’t race against the clock this time. Alarm went off during the 16th rep. Did 1 rep pullups for every rep of chinups which I feel is a good improvement.

    On another subject, I came across the new workouts. First and foremost, thanks to the Admin and others that contributed to that plan. Second, I hope the Admin can post an explanation on all exercises, unfortunately some of them are new to me. Last but not least, no rest day????? 😯


    Wow outstanding job!

    I have been busy and will try to post descriptions this weekend, let me know what specifically you have a question on and I will try to explain or check here


    There is rest :) you would continue 3 days a week until doing day 8 then start the cycle over see here


    Let me know if that is not clear

    Here is some other stuff you can think about integrating into you workouts



    Cheers and keep up the great work


    Hello again

    Thanks to the Admin (sorry, but i don’t know your name) for all the links. I will be using simplefit from now on as my workout (as in “official day workout”). There are a number of exercises I’m sure I’m going to miss (like Ross Enamait’s Reach and Bend, or a few core exercises with the S.Ball), but for now I’ll try to see how good simplefit can be on the long run, alternating it with cardio days (400 meters sprints, check http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459414).

    After this big break I will be using the second week workouts. There is just a big problem: I don’t have rings nor paralel bars, only a single pull up bar. How on earth can I perform the inverted pull ups (tried it today, almost killed myself on some marble stairs)??????

    Thanks in advance for any answers from either the Admin or other fellow practitioners.


    P.S.: Also updated main post!!!


    I would not give up the Ross stuff the more variety the better I use stuff from “never gym less” all the time huge fan of Ross. Rings are the single best piece of equip IMHO make or buy them if you can. If the inverted pull ups are to harry don’t do them, just do regular.



    Did several updates to first post. Have jumped to WORKOUT 2, and must say that though it seems easier, it’s not. There are two important things I can write to other forum users from my experience so far: one, do not stop for a full week all exercise. If you’re used to exercising everyday, you’ll feel the difficulty the week you restart. Second, WORKOUT 2, more than WORKOUT 1, is highly dependant on the quality of your movements. For instance, the one leg squat becomes very very easy if you keep your free leg relaxed, because the foot always helps somewhat to push back up. Hard work = hard body!

    Overall WORKOUT 2 is an excellent adition. Thanks to the Admin

    PS.: Forgot to mention how I solved the problem of not having rings. Did in fact buy another pull up bar! So now I have both a dip machine AND a rings replacement. Hope this can be helpful


    Great to hear! If you can post a link to the doorway pull up bar that permits dips.



    Admin wrote:

    Great to hear! If you can post a link to the doorway pull up bar that permits dips.


    Hey, you misunderstood me man. I bought an extra pull up bar. So instead of one I have two, parallel to each other. This way the inverted pull ups can be done and so can dips. On the bad side, the dips are done about a meter and a half above ground. So no emergency bail outs for me 😉

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