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    Holy crap. I just did 4 pullups. :D

    Was walking through the bedroom (bar is in BR doorway) to grab some shoes, saw the pullup bar and did a quick attempt to yank it out of the doorframe, and pulled myself up instead.

    I’m astounded. I’ve never been able to do pullups– not even in boot camp.

    In boot camp, we just kind of screwed around maybe once a week on the pullup bar and if you couldn’t do them, you were basically shoved out of the way. In fact, I made it gracefully through every obstacle on the obstacle course until I got to the final obstacle– MONKEY BARS OVER NASTY, SWAMPY BUTT-WATER. I got about 4 rungs out before my shoulders gave out, splashed into the icy (San Antonio in January is still pretty cold) muck, and came up with some algae crap on my head while the drill sergeants hooted laughter from the shore.

    I can now do pullups. *raWr*


    Way to Vith!!


    Hip hip….


    I had a realization of progress today myself. I was a little tired from the duathlon yesterday and I was kind of focusing on that when I started my routine. I did the first pullup and noticed that my body was straigh and my chin was way over the bar. I thought , wow, I never went up that easy before. It usually involves a lot of kicking grunting and swinging. 😆 Pretty cool.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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