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    Alright don’t hate me but I have the opposite problem many face. I can’t put on weight or keep it on for the life of me. I have been reading through many of the posts and the various links but have yet to come by anything that deals with weight gain.

    The nutrition plan sounds great I’ve always been one to graze throughout the day but I was wondering how to adjust it to take the focus from losing weight to gaining weight. Also how would IF play into my weight gain agenda?

    I’m getting ready to begin the whole work out plan but wanted to get the nutrition side set before I begin. Any help here would be much appreciated.


    Hi Joshua,

    I don’t have the same goals as you do in terms of weight gain. I will say this though: at the risk of starting a diet “war” thread, I have not followed the IF diet and I find that I have dropped a significant amount of body fat in a pretty short time (2 inches in my waist). This has been with a significant amount of weight gain (from 235 to 245). I also feel great.

    My diet has been like this: I’m hungry – I eat. While I have changed what I eat gradually over the last couple of months, I still eat a lot of stuff many on this site try to avoid. I do try to understand the hunger I have. I have to avoid impulse eating. So I always try to stop and think “what do I really want/need?” When I exercise like I have been, the answers become more lean meat and tons of complex carbs. I also tend to graze more since I can’t eat enough at one sitting to hold me through. I don’t obsess over fat – but would love to be able to eat sticks of lard and butter after every meal and ignore those types of cravings as something other than hunger. I give myself a “rest meal” every so often – Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese combo is a common choice. This keeps me sane.

    I do say that – in terms of body composition – I have pretty good genes. I gain muscle quickly and drop fat as easily. This is a trait I inherited from both sides of my family – I won’t bore you with a list of the athletes.

    Ultimately you have to check your choices by the outcomes they give you. You also have to consider YOUR genes! There are TONS of people who envy you.

    My goals on this path have not been so much about how I look to others, but how many pullups I can do and when can I be ready for a CF workout and can I get my abs back in shape so my back doesn’t hurt and can I join in this awesome group of people as a component of mutual inspiration.

    I rambled – sorry.



    You need to eat ALLOT while keeping your metabolism relatively low. People have had success with IF in this regard ( gaining muscle without fat) Also keep the movements in the 3-5 rep range maybe get a weighted vest and work with more intense angles to achieve this.

    Also try to incorporate stuff like this into your training.



    I would eliminate all cardio and running this works against muscle gain

    and did I mention “eat allot” :)


    Thanks for the replies. As a bartender I find myself constantly moving through my shift so while I don’t schedule any cardio/running I find that I will always get it. This holds true in common life too I’m a busy body I prefer to stand than sit, be moving than staying still, etc. So I’m sure this is one reason my metabolism remains high.

    As for foods, are there better foods to eat a lot of? Or are all foods created equal? I’ll admit I’m a bit of a junk food junkie so I really liked the idea of adjusting my diet to remove some of the insulin spikes that lead to such crappy feelings later. So I should be pursuing that either way right?

    My intentions for beginning the simple fit program are not really to come into an ideal image but more to begin living a healthier lifestyle. So “bulking up” really isn’t my hopes either just to simply be fit and live healthy.

    I’m still open to insight as to types of foods and how much a lot is. Thanks guys.


    If you are skinny but eat allot of junk that suggests you have really good insulin sensitivity consider yourself lucky. My friend Rob Wolf who is a biochemist has the same situation as you and swears by paleo and if.


    Lots or yoghurt/kwark (kinda like cream cheese maybe? Dutch thing I’m afraid) always help me to put on mass and I have pretty much your problem – I can eat chocolate all day (and I do) without putting so much as a pound on. OTOH I get sick of eating more than 1 litre of yoghurt a day – up to a litre is good, beyond that it just gets tedious.


    I add whey protein to my regular diet to help me stay full.


    Quinoa is a great grain. It’s full of fiber and protein and is as versatile as rice. Check it out at your healthfood store.

    Olive oil, avacado, almonds, walnuts, fish – all healty sources of fat.

    But yeah like Kevin said… eat a lot. Make good choices though, the SAD diet (or standard north american diet) is full of refined sugar, salt, and low in nutrients and fiber. 30-40 years from now, those things are gonna catch up with you. The SAD diet is associated with most chronic diseases: cancer, heart disease, strokes… etc. I don’t mean to be a little black rain cloud, but we live in a toxic world, we eat toxic food and often think toxic thoughts. Health is a choice. We can choose to think good thoughts, eat good food, and surround ourselves by positivity.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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