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    How much fat could i lose per week by eating healthy, and can you lose muscle too by eating healthy? (kind of a stupid question sorry)


    healthy weight loss is generally 1-2 lbs a week after the first week (many people will lose 4-6 lbs of water weight the first week they start eating better).

    if you eat ABOUT 1 gram of protein per of lean body mass, and work out, you should be able to maintain your muscle mass.


    It depends. Some people may lose as much as 10 pounds a week but it is important to understand that losing weight or fats is most effective if achieved slowly. Aim for losing nothing more than two pound a week and that can be achieved by eating healthy and exercising regularly. Try to eliminate at least 300 calories per day and that could result in a weight loss (mostly of fats) of about 2 pounds in a week.


    if you lose over 3 lbs a week it will not be fat but a combination of musle, fat, water, and stuff that finally has a chance to get out of your colon.


    I dont agree about dropping 500 calories less a day. That is a very blanket statement.

    Try using FitDay to calculate what you are currently eating. You may be surprised just how much you need to drop calorie wise to get low enough to lose weight.

    Try following the SimpleFit diet plan or Primal blueprint at marks daily apple!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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