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    Am I reading this right? Between rounds, like on any level in Day 2, you should do a 3 min. rest? I’ve been jumping from one round to the next as quickly as I can to get the 5 in on a total time as fast as possible. Please clarify.


    That’s right, take up to 3 minutes rest between rounds and do not count the rest time towards your total.

    However, if you rest in the midst of a round, say between pull-ups and push-ups, or part way through the squats, it counts.


    I share this confusion, and have been tending just to time the whole thing with as short of rests as possible between sets (but no rests within sets).

    Is the three minutes a minimum or a maximum? Cheapo implies it is a maximum (up to 3 minutes rest).

    Is there any reason not to minimize the rest periods?

    Is there some science behind this–i.e. is this supposed to be like high intensity interval training with heart rate returning to resting rate in between?



    If you can do Day 2 without rest between sets (and with no rest during sets) you are at too low of a level.


    Look at your day two as more of a strength training day kinda like lifting weights with sets. This is the same thing but you have 3 exercises built into one set. The goal here is to work as hard as you can to complete the exercise without stopping to break until your 3 minute rest. So say you have 5 pullups for each round but can only do 2. Your goal here is to complete 5 pullups without stopping then immediately complete the requisite pushups and squats then rest. These rounds should be a bit harder in that you only stop to rest when you hit your actual rest round of 3 minutes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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