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    I find the pull ups killing, I read in someone elses post that pushups were their limiting factor… so, what do you find hardest?


    Clearly pullups for me :)


    Just sub ring dips for push ups 😈


    Have to agree on the pullups. But I’m so glad I’m doing em. Cause I’m psycho!!


    Yeah many people believe the pull up is the best test of absolute strength. I remember reading in Russia one of the first things the Olympic coaches would test is pull up ability in green Olympic hopefuls.

    If you want to make it so that all the movements are of similar intensity and rep range sub:

    dips for push ups

    1 legged squats for squats

    then they will all be equally miserable :) actually a great workout and you will be doing about the same number of each movement.


    I’m the oddball. I voted for push ups. Actually, I find all three exercises equally challenging with simplefit. Just challenging in different ways.

    With pull ups I can do a bunch and am limited only by my strength. I stop only because my body simply won’t do any more. But no soreness or exhaustion. Its like its easy for a while and then suddenly impossible.

    With push ups I first feel general fatigue, but can keep pressing on. Then I have to stop when my chest and arms are too sore. Kind of like a ramping up in difficulty throughout the set. I guess that’s why I voted for push ups.

    Squats are similar to push ups, especially since I do full range of motion. But the limiting factor there is overall endurance. Mostly cardio, I think. I get out of breath and have to let my heart rate come down before continuing.


    I agree with Keith about the squats. My legs will feel a good pump doing lots of squats, especially on day 3, but I always have to take a breather towards the end before finishing the set even though my legs could keep going. Sometimes I sneak in a bunch more at the end just to make up for taking that little break. You’ll always end up breathing harder during squats than other cardio work since the abdominal pressure during the down phase keeps you from breathing in deeply and your lungs from taking in as much oxygen as possible.

    By the way, I’m still a bit on the heavy side so pullups are still the hardest exercise for me. On the bright side, they’ll get easier and easier as I drop the pounds.


    I agree with Keith completely. Pull ups were hardest for me at first, but they aren’t now. You just get to a point where you can “do it”. It becomes an all or nothing sort of thing. Push ups eat at your soul. :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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