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    Should I add anything in addition to my simplefit workouts? Something to do in the off days or in addition to the regular workout?

    I take a fairly long walk everyday at work, but that’s about it so far.

    I was thinking maybe yoga or something. For stretching… I’m not very flexible.


    I’ve mentioned this before in my log, but the yoga I took (lots of sun salutations and warrior poses) was a hell of a workout. Flexibility, and a lot of muscle work. Worth trying! I’ll be doing it again in a few weeks, when I can take 5 days off between a simplefit workout and yoga.


    fizzle You may also want to consider a weighted vest to lower your reps and increase resistance.

    Norman also suggested stretching http://www.simplefit.org/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=582 I will need to look into Andy I think you are right some basic yoga stuff we good incorporate into simple fit off days. I have tried -spelling- :) kundalini, hatha, beekrum (that was no joke) and a couple others all of which I really liked. It would also be really nice to have 3-5 basic moves that would stretch and warm up the whole body pre workout. I usually just warm up by doing some planks and back extensions but yoga would be a great addition. Anybody who can suggest some good stuff speak up.

    Another great thing is meditation nothing mystical this is a great resource http://www.ucop.edu/humres/eap/relaxationrespone.html all based on hard science developed by Herbert Benson, M.D. at Harvard Medical School. Great for recovery lowers cartisol and other stress hormones that can be counter productive to our goals.


    I’ve always liked sun salutations for general full body warm up. Here’s a quick guide for those not familiar:


    This is only the basic sun salutation. There are many standard variations (and you can make up your own). If you take a vinyasa flow class you’ll practice many of the variations.

    I take a “Level 2 Vinyasa flow” class (Level 2 out of 3 total levels). It’s way harder than any of the simplefit workouts that I’ve done to date. It always leave my hips and shoulders worked!


    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I tried my first bit of yoga yesterday and I thought it was great. I think I’m going to do it on my off days. Thanks for the links too.

    I’d love to get a weighted vest but they seem quite expensive. I do need to get one eventually though.


    I’ve been wondering the same thing. How about running on off days, would that be a good idea?


    Re: weighted vest – I’ve seen one at Wal-Mart for a reasonable price. You could also get some ankle weights and a shirt with pockets…

    Have you tried any of the “Grease the groove” (GTG) workouts? I did two weeks of that with pullups – one pullup every hour (I really worked on form and using the negative movement) all day. This really helped me reduce my rest times. I intend to GTG with pushups – I’ll do 10 every hour every day for a couple of weeks.

    I do yoga on off days, albeit not consistently enough. I do find that, when I do the movements/poses which focus on my hip area, I get a lot of relief from tension I wasn’t aware I had.

    Meditation + +


    I’ve been typically running on the two days between. Been messing with the sprints Kevin talks about doing under this link:


    Seems to be working pretty well.


    I used to do a lot of running. I’m not sure my legs would have enough time to recover if I were to run on the off days.

    I checked Wal-Mart’s website a few days ago and I couldn’t find a vest. Maybe I’ll just stop by their store and poke around tonight.

    I think the yoga is a great addition for now. If I can get a weighted vest I think I’ll be all set. 😈


    I have them on the products page http://www.simplefit.org/products.html that s a good one and whenever you buy stuff from the products page you help support simplefit.

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