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    I am now into my 6th week of this program (and just want to add that I am enjoying it very much). Anyway, here’s my conundrum…

    1) I am in my 6th week

    2) My times in D2 and D3 are approaching 5minutes, which means move up a level, I believe

    3) On all days I need to do assisted pullups (toes on chair behind me) after being able to complete approx 3-5

    4) On days 2 & 3 I cannot complete all of the pushups without dropping to my knees to do “girl pushups” (for which I sub 2:1); I can do all of them fine on D1 (probably because it’s only 2 at a time)

    At this point, I think I would be comfortable moving up to level 2 on D1 (was able to do 20 rounds today), but not so much on D2 and especially not on D3 (despite my times). And the majority (if not all) of the unassisted pullups I can do use the chinup grip as opposed to the pullup grip.

    So, do I:

    1) Stay at level 1 until I can complete all of the pullups and pushups in an unassisted manner

    2) Move up to level 2 to increase the volume of work I am doing (which should make me stronger/more able to complete the exercises, right?)

    3) Make up some average or combination between level 1 & 2 until I feel more comfortable to fully move up to level 2?



    I would suggest trying level two and not worrying about your time. I think you need to change your routine a little bit so you #1 don’t get bored and #2 the little change should shock your body enough to keep your progress going.

    I’m at level 2 and it’s not too much harder than level one.

    Have you had a rest week or a week where you decrease your reps? I took a whole week off from level 1 when I moved to level 2.


    Well, I took a week off between week 3 and 4 (life was busy, I was lazy), so I’m not feeling like I need a week off yet. I figured after about 3 weeks in level 2 (if I make that move next week) I would drop down to level 1 for a week, and then do 3 more weeks at level 2. If my calendar reading skills are accurate, that should bring me up to 4 days before I go on vacation, which would be a good time for a break anyway (at Christmas, no less).


    Move to level 2… it is not as much harder, but it will push you a bit more challenge wise, and will allow you to get up to full push-ups and such while still not over taxing pull-ups. You will probably be at 2 for a while… I’m a walking example of that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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