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    Please forgive me if my searching hasn’t turned up results that are already there.

    I love simplefit for getting me back to a way of being when I was a kid. It was *ahem* simple enough to get me back to being that kind of person, to get me back to distance running which is something I used to be good at like 20 years ago. And now that *that* switch has been flipped I find simplefit being somewhat incompatible with my running regimen. I appreciate the core work for stability, and I can’t deny that I like the upper body definition, but the squats are, and really always have been, kind of pointless.

    I understand the value of having some lower body component to the system, but honestly they’ve never been hard, have always been the thing I race through at the end of a day3 that only serves to extend my time with little extra effort involved. I’m not hero, but I’m solidly into lvl5 and those promises that squats would become a problem just haven’t materialized.

    Okay maybe that’s not exactly true. The *only* time they cause me a problem is when doing simplefit the day after a hard run (sometimes it happens). On those days, they interfere with my recovery. Bravo.

    I’m considering dropping them altogether… I have no shortage of leg work and seeing that the time expectations tend to break down as you move up anyway. If I can do the day3 without rest in between and with good form, who cares if it’s 5 minutes? I mean… am I totally off base here? I have no problem being corrected


    Hello blargendarg!

    I have only just started simplefit, only on week 3 but I am also adding more cardio and running on my SF off days. Though I don’t have much experience, can I suggest following a squat progression series? If full squats are easy and for each level you progress you can complete the required number without difficulty, maybe work your way to pistol squats or do an intermediate step between pistol squats and regular full squats, such as assisted one leg squats.


    Hope that helps, I know there is a lot more information out there on how to combine bodyweight routines and cardio effectively too, I just haven’t gotten there yet =). Still only doing about 10km of running a week.

    Edit: Meant to say adding pistol squats/alternatives on days that don’t interfere with your recovery after especially difficult runs.

    Double Edit: I feel like I didn’t add anything as to why progressing up to more difficult squats may be helpful, other than the assumption that being more difficult will make them not feel pointless. Not the most academic source, but has a lot of good information about the role of strength training and how bodyweight squats can be part of that.


    Which comes back to the point that if full squats not helping develop strength, maybe time to try more difficult bodyweight squats.

    Hope there is something useful in all that, though, everyone has their own way of exercise that is optimal to themselves. Find what works best for you!


    Thanks! I think I’m going in the direction of restructuring, certainly not planning to drop the bodyweight strength training, just want to integrate it better… and I totally forgot about pistol squats. Maybe I’ll give the Pavel Tsatsouline stuff another try. Anyway, much appreciated.

    Also, just this morning I *did* manage to find a whole bunch of relevant stuff on this topic in this forum. I just had to use Google to do it… that thing where you put in your terms and then ‘site:[web address]’


    Hey added another edit above ^^ with another link. Offers other suggestions as well for complementary exercises that could go well with restructuring; however you make it work!

    Yay for Google (well except maybe privacy issues, but that is a discussion for another time.)


    I’m also a runner and for a long time also thought of the squats as just a time filler to keep your heart rate up. But, I have to say now that I am on Level 6 the squats, while still not terribly difficult, are clearly a critical element in making the time. It is a real effort to do the squats fast. I’m kinda wishing now that I had worked a little more on super speeding the squats on some of the earlier levels.

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