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    Hi, I’m a newbie to exercise/working out/Simplefit. Last week, I tripped and fell down some stairs and got quite a gash on my knee. I decided to forgo any workouts so my knee could heal up some and while it’s doing a lot better, it’s not 100%. Walking and going up stairs is fine, but going down stairs is a bit awkward.

    I want to start up this week so I don’t lose momentum but I’m worried about two things:

    1) I do modified push-ups and the gash/bruise is right on the knee so the pressure is going to hurt a lot. Should I just grit my teeth or would doing push-ups on the wall be better? Or should I just stretch that leg out and leave the other one bent? (if that made sense)

    2) Squats. I’ve been slowly doing some over the last few days just to see and while it seems to be okay, doing them slow is still different from doing them for time and I’m still favoring my other leg a little. Should I still do them or is there a modified version?

    Any input would help. I would’ve finished level 2 last week if it wasn’t for this and I really don’t want to lose any progress. Thanks!


    Hey and welcome!

    What kind of injury?


    I haven’t gone to the doctor but it seems that I have a small but deep gash on my kneecap. Most of it’s finally closed up but there’s still a teeny part that hasn’t scabbed over yet. The whole kneecap’s a little swelled but there’s no bruise colors. The whole area’s just tender and extending it all the way still aches a little.

    I want to know whether I should bandage it up alot and go full throttle or whether I should still scale down. Knees can be pretty tricky things.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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