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    Sorry, maybe I should start here. My first post was in the progress section.

    Start date: 9/20/07 @ 2321 hrs.

    naval waist: 50″

    BMI: 36.8

    Wt: 279 lbs.

    Ht: 6’1″

    target Wt: 210 lbs.

    L1D1 31 rounds

    L1D2 6.21

    my pullups are mod 1:3

    Short term goals: 1.) is to not have my vest ride up into my neck when driving. 2.) is to not have my ammo pouch cut off circulation in my left upper thigh when sitting for long periods of time in car. 3.) healthy cholesterol level. 4.) will try to get my friends into Simplefit.


    Good goals



    K9, you’re off to a great start. I’ll check out your progress post. Welcome.


    You are in pretty good shape for your weight. I’m at about 250, I’m just over 6’2″ and I’m in week 3.

    I’m only doing 20 rounds on day 1, so keep it up, you are off to a good start.


    Thanks for the support…

    Have not yet posted the results. L1D3 was just over 5 minutes. The pull ups are holding me back, will remain at level 1 until I can complete real pullups. Have started to run and bike during days off. Pushups were alittle sore during D3.

    Just completed the academy last December won the PT staff award. I had thirty extra pounds on the entire group of 41. Never gave up and would always finish in the top half in the run.

    Diet is the enemy, 12-8 shift, sleep is difficult too.

    I started with P90X, then found Crossfit, then SimpleFit. I really want to do Crossfit, so here I am!

    The ability to post results and the online support is outstanding!

    Thanks Again!

    Great danger lies in the notion that we can reason with evil (Doug Patton)


    Did you try those body rows?

    I moved up to week 2 this week and was finally able to do a full pull up and a full chin up, so I’m pretty excited.

    We are pretty on par in terms of time, do you have any interest in partnering up to keep our motivation going?

    I may skip a workout if it’s just me, but if someone is depending on me, I will work out.

    I’m out of town next week, and I may just take the time to rest, but when I get back, I could start again.

    Let me know.


    I tried the body rows…they are not as taxing which allows me to focus more on form and the other two exercises. It did tack on more time for the D1 workout.

    Would like to team up and post on a regular basis. I have already missed the D2 & D3 workouts of this past week but did 20 rounds of D1 last night before my 12-8 AM shift.

    I plan to stay on L1 for the month of Oct and run or bike for 45 min. on my off days with some grip and core work mixed in. I am on a 4 & 2 schedule so I do not know yet how that will workout? But glad to team up with someone my size and ability, especially after watching the CrossFit video’s the road seems so long.

    Long term goal:210lbs with a Body Fat % under 10

    Short term goal: the ability to do real pull ups and lose 30 lbs. by Christmas (will be 40 in Dec.)




    I’m the same way, the body rows are much easier for me.

    The accountability is the biggest thing for me. If I know someone is looking for my posts, I have to work out.

    I started level 2 today, but next week I’m off. I don’t think it matters much, if we are on the same level.

    We’ll just have to try it out.


    I will try to post every night and take weekend off of any type of workout but reserve the right to still ride, run, or swim.

    Will be working out between 8Pm and 10Pm before my shift. will post during cooldown.



    I visited both those websites and came up with 23% at both.

    My waist line is larger by 10″ , hopefully that will change too!

    279 lbs.

    44″ waist

    47″ hip

    7.5 wrist

    13″ forearm


    Looking forward to the challenge!

    Thanks again,



    Hey I just noticed your name is Keith too! 8) 8)

    Well, you’re off to a great start. Keep with it. It’s certainly worth the hard work.


    Doing body rows now with good form, but has added time to results.

    L1D1 25

    L1D2 5+min

    L1D3 4+min

    will run on off days during week 4

    sleep and extra road jobs can really throw off workout sched. I find myself doing standing squats during work. My belt adds an extra 30 lbs.!



    Did a mix of mod. pull-ups & body rows during the D1L1 and got 31 rounds, plus better on the hands.

    I had 1.40 left, maybe 2 more reps? sucking pound h2o thou! Next week I’ll get it!

    will run tomorrow~ 2 miles.



    just finished L1D3 @2.51. Will try jump pull up this week and see hao it goes?

    The running is not going so good…have not made that many. Diet is not better with intake but total amount is lower. weighed in at 280.8 lbs. did’nt need the .8!

    Hey it’s a new week!

    keith (K9)


    Jumping pull ups sounds like a great idea. Especially if those body rows are getting too easy.

    Running with 280 lbs. might be a little rough on your limbs if your hitting pavement or concrete. wanna be careful with that.

    My son was hitting about 265 some time back and we started some slow progression on the runs. Interestingly enough he went and did a one miler the other day. Everyone in his class thought he would be last but he beat about 50% of them. I was pretty psyched for him.

    Course he has dropped over 40 lbs. since working out in Krav Maga but still thats pretty good.

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