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    I was wanting to get some opinions on this. I do Simplefit and I love the program, my question is that I want to do some specific training for an obstacle race, and I’m not sure how it fits in. I’m not talking about the running, as I dont feel that it interferes with the program. I’m referring to climbing ropes, hand walking underneath stairs, climbing monkey bars and trees, and stuff like that. Upper body stuff. If I worked hard on any of that, then I feel like it might interfere with my workouts, particularly pullups, which is already the most difficult portion of the system for me. Should I:

    1. Just do the extra training whenever and not worry about it because I dont think it would hurt in the long run, only the short term (one workout)

    2. See if I can do it on the same day as SF, still allowing a day to recover (although this would limit the effectiveness of that training, since I do put all I’ve got into SF)

    3. Make it like a fourth workout, thus setting me on a 4 day cycle instead of 3. I workouts would not be confined into a square week, but does that matter?

    4. Not worry about all that other training, cause SF’s pullups will take care of me

    Any thoughts or other ideas? I appreciate any feedback. Also, if any of you have ever participated in an obstacle race (5k distance), I’d love to hear about it. Thanks!

    Doji Grovesai

    1) I play with my kids a lot, so monkey bars and climbing trees are a decent portion of my outside time (only every other week, when I get visitation with my kids, but still). Even though I’m only on week three, I didn’t really notice it affecting my SF workouts (but it’s only a total of about 2 hours cumulative per visit).

    2) I wouldn’t do this one, because it seems too much. Especially if you are already giving your all on SF.

    3) This could work. I don’t think having to stick to a Gregorian Calendar week is essential, but pay attention to your recovery, since your 4th workout is upper-body focused and the pullups already (as stated) stand as the hardest part of the workout.

    4) I assume you are doing proper pullups in your SF routine. If you aren’t, then this route is probably not an option. If you ARE doing proper pullups, though, my thinking says that if you are at level 3, and you can do L3D3 pullups in 3 sets or fewer, then you should be just fine with this option.

    I haven’t actually participated in one of these obstacle races, but part of my motivation for SF is to get to a point that I can train for Tough Mudder. My benchmark is to make it to level 2 with real pullups, and do D3 pulls in one set. If I can manage that, I’m going to register for the next race that fits my geography/schedule.

    Currently, it looks like I’m a ways off. So if you get there first, let me know how it goes! :-)


    Thanks for the thoughts. I am currently on level 5, so I think I might just stick to SF. I am going to do a Warrior Dash in May, but I must admit, I hate running. I am doing it for the obstacles mainly. I applaud you if you do a Tough Mudder, I know I never will cause I’m just not interested in running that far! In September I hope to do an obstacle course called Alpha Warrior. It claims “No Mud, No Miles”. Its all obstacle, kind of like Ninja Warrior, you should look it up. I’m really looking forward to that one! Anyway, I’ll just keep on with SF and see how that first race goes. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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