SimpleFit HEAVY - brainstorming...

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SimpleFit HEAVY - brainstorming...

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Dog Brothers,

Always liked SimpleFit, especially when I travel; elegant and comprehensive. I always envisioned it as a workout that James Bond / Jason Bourne would do as they're globetrotting.

Anyway, I have a house with a basement and some bars and weights (definitely blessed in that respect). I was thinking of a way to incorporate weights.

My thinking was pullups (no change) - Bench Press - Deadlift

As one would move up levels, instead of upping the reps, one would up the weight.

So Level 1, Day 3 might look like:
10 Pullups
10 reps bench press, 1/4 bodyweight
10 reps deadlift, 1/3 bodyweight

Level 2, Day 3 would then be:
13 Pullups
10 reps bench press, 1/3 bodyweight
10 reps deadlift, 1/2 bodyweight

Picking a starting weight is always tricky; it'll vary person to person based on LOTS of factors, so I thought a percentage of bodyweight is a good simple way to start (probably doesn't need to be precise, either, calculate and round down based on what weights available)

Alternatively, one could pick a reasonable weight and just mirror the pushup/squat rep numbers.
I do think bumping up the weight AND the reps is probably too big of jump between levels

Incorporating heavy lifts always brings with it safety concerns. If anyone decides to try this, check your ego and start with a lower weight than you think you need. I've been working out alone in my basement for years now and I've never had to drop a bar or dump weight b/c I pay close attention to where I'm at, what I can do, and I always play it safe; please do the same.

I'd love to hear some ideas about how to structure this. Like I said, it's a brainstorm (and there's no bad ideas in brainstorming, right?)
I haven't thought this all the way through, it literally started as a shower thought, but if you have input, flame away!

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Re: SimpleFit HEAVY - brainstorming...

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Sounds awesome. I'll have a think..

You running Simplefit now?
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