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What are your opinions on lifting heavy weights and bodybuiding/supplements etc.
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Post by zorg »

Depends on your goals.

If you want to get strong, lifting heavy weights would be a good idea. If you want to pose in a bikini, do bodybuilding.

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This is great to hear! I've been starting to use heavier weights during my leg workouts because I was no longer getting sore, but I was afraid my legs would get huge if I continued!
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I think most people shouldn't be concerned with "getting too big" when they start lifting weights or use that as an excuse not to include some weight work. After all, if it was that easy to build muscular bulk I think there would be a lot more people strutting around with 21" biceps :) Obviously you will gain muscle mass when you lift weights, but if you balance your workout to include the core compound exercises and not overemphasize any one exercise, then all your body parts should grow at basically the same rate. You'll get bigger, but it won't appear unaesthetic because you'll be balanced. The problem arises when people do nothing but bench while they're walking around on bird legs. They look like they have too much muscular bulk up top when in reality they just have too little on the bottom.
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Re: bodybuilding

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It takes years to build up your body. Being a bodybuilder I can tell you that it’s not so easy to gain upright biceps. You need to do hell lot exercise and have proper diet chart. Follow the diet chart regularly and you can also take prohormone supplement for rapid results.
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