Traveling Pull-Ups?

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Traveling Pull-Ups?

Post by dereklipkin »

Hi, all,

I expect to be traveling for two weeks at the beginning of August. I can easily keep the push-up and squat regimen, but I'm concerned about losing the pull-up regimen. Of course, I will seek out a pull-up bar (or impromptu one) while traveling. But in the event that I cannot find a bar (or a pole, to do body rows), are there any good non-bar or non-pole substitutes?

Here is hoping that the hotels have a workout room. Or sturdy shower poles!

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Re: Traveling Pull-Ups?

Post by scumdogg »

You could try door towel rows []. Most hotel bathrooms have pretty heavy doors with heavy duty handles that should be able to support your weight. Just sub 3 rows for 1 pullup. To get the most benefit from the rows, concentrate on gripping the towel hard and use controlled full range of motion. Don't imagine pulling with your arms, instead imagine pushing back with your elbows, like you're trying to elbow someone in the stomach or trying to pinch a pop can between your shoulder blades.
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Re: Traveling Pull-Ups?

Post by gxxr »

You can also do pullups on the doors, as Mark Lauren recommends. Just open them a little, put a towel over the top edge, grab that edge, and pull yourself up. I don't do it at home (cause I like my doors), but on business trips, hotel doors must suffer!
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