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Simplefit - Alternative form questions

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Hi, love the idea of Simplefit! I've been at it for a 3 weeks. I'm no fitness expert, just read a lot of forums/articles for tips.
My goal is to finish Level 7 by the end of this year. This gives me about 3.5 months to complete 4 levels, which seems realistic to me! Here are my stats for the last weeks:

Week 1: L3D3 in exactly 5:00
Week 2: L4D3 in 7:20
Week 3: L4D3 in 7:00
- I just read that you have to take a ~3 minute break between Day 2's rounds, which I haven't been doing, so I will definitely be doing that now.

My questions:
1) For pullups, I have been doing it like this guy from Simplefit's link:
This makes pullups for me very tedious and tiring. I've seen pull-up videos where they do reps pretty fast since their arms only reach 150º before they go up for another rep, instead of the full 180º in the gif.

I'm not sure if one method is better than the other. I'd prefer the "150º" pullups since it'll help my time in Simplefit, but I don't know if it will affect my progress and if it is considered a "bad form."
So is reaching a hanging position between pullup reps ideal for Simplefit?

2) I want to do other forms of push-ups and pullups, just because I feel I will develop my body more from different forms.
If simply doing standard pull-ups and pushups will develop my overall strength better, then please tell me.

I remember reading a post on this forum that said you should stick with the same form for at least week before switching. But here's my basic question: Is it worth switching forms between weeks? I feel that I'm not targeting all my muscle groups by doing the same form like I have for the last 3 weeks. Honestly, the preferred answer I'd like to hear is "No, sticking to regular push-ups/pullups will give you the best improvement in your overall strength/looks" but I'm open to answers.

Here are the different forms I would do:
Types of pushups: Standard, Diamond, Pike, Elevated (targets same muscle groups?!), Wide
Types of pullups: I have Iron Gym pull-up bar, so: Pull-up, Chin-up, Switch Grip, Wide Grip

Even if it was worth switching forms, which set of push-ups/pullups should I put together? I mean if I do Wide Grip pull-ups and Wide Stanced push-ups, they would work out more of the same muscle groups, which is good... or bad?

Thank you for bearing through my long post :D