Supplemental Ab or Yoga routine?

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Supplemental Ab or Yoga routine?

Post by Level1Day1 »

Hey SF,

Just getting started on this stuff myself, but I was wondering if anyone has some recommended core or yoga regimens they follow on off days, if that's recommended, that is.

Thanks! Much appreciated.
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Re: Supplemental Ab or Yoga routine?

Post by art50 »

Hi Level1Day1,

I am quite new to SF as well, and can't say much in regards to yoga, but may I suggest convict conditioning core series?

Scroll down to "The Big Four Exercises Summary Sheet" and look at the "leg raises" series. Step 1 or 2 might be quite easy for you, but the other ones get a lot harder. There are also a lot of videos on youtube for CC if you are not quite sure how the exercises should be performed.

Also the "bridges" series on page 3 will help with your back and other parts of your core.

Hope that helps!
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