What about dips?

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What about dips?

Post by linuxguy0481 »

I really like dips. I know Simplefit is aimed at being Simple. But I would love to use dips with SimpleFit. Anyone else do this and how do you do it?
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Re: What about dips?

Post by 230lbs »

Dips are one of the best mass and strength building exercises you can do. By the time I'm able to do full pull-ups I imagine I'll be doing dips instead of push-ups because push-ups won't sufficiently challenge me.

Probably one of the best substitutions to simplefit you can make.
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Re: What about dips?

Post by sean_x »

I love dips too.
Used to do them while holding a dumbbell between my feet till I got to a point where the DB's were too heavy to do this with and started carrying a chain to hang weight from belts with (funnily enough I never carried a belt but would always find an unloved one to use in the corner of most gyms I used to come across).
I do a fair bit of dipping in the 90 degree bend of handrails on the rigs I end up working on, it’s comfy enough and hand spacing is almost infinitely variable!

I think they could be incorporated into SF very well, although the point of SF is to keep things simple - no?
So with not so simple SF, then you could have a list of you’re fave exercises for each movement and rotate them (something I'm considering as I would like to keep track of my abilities in various movements - but on the other hand I don’t want to complicate SF for myself...?)

I used to take a leaf out of "Westside's" ideology years back, and rotate my exercises randomly. It was a great motivator and really made sense (well, of course as they produced so many World class lifters with their principal).
For instance, sticking to the basic SF doctrine of a pull, push and squat, then for you’re 'push' you could use either a push up (various wide to narrow hand spacing, various hand positioning from further forward than you’re head to almost planche-like position way down at the hips, feet flat, elevated, elbows in or out, etc), dip, or chair dip, etc. Maybe the fact that you actually do an exercise and record progress is all that matters? Its definitely better than 99.9% of the rest of the population who just don't bother.

Just food for thought..
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Re: What about dips?

Post by russmartin »

I am also a big lover of dips what I make a routine on chest day first I do two sets of manual dips before starting my chest workout and after I start my chest workout I do dips on stand immediately after every set of my bench. I like this routine and I am following it for almost 6 months.
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Re: What about dips?

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Re: What about dips?

Post by DavidAguilar »

Use a sturdy chair and place your hands on the edge of the chair so your fingers bend over the edge. Make sure your arms are straight.
Lengthen your legs out in front of you - far enough so your bum clears the chair by at least 4-5 inches.
Slowly lower yourself by bending your elbows and then return yourself to the starting position.
Try to dip as low as you can - your arms should make 90 degree angles. Concentrate on making your body dip straight down, don't just lift your torso up and down, that's not hitting the tris.
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Re: What about dips?

Post by erikesimmons »

The dip is an exercise used in strength training. Narrow, shoulder-width dips primarily train the triceps, with major synergists being the anterior deltoid, the pectoralis muscles (sternal, clavicular, and minor), and the rhomboid muscles of the back (in that order).
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