Simplefit on top of Martial Arts (BJJ)

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Simplefit on top of Martial Arts (BJJ)

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Hi guys,

I have just found out about calisthenics and bodyweight workouts, I ran into a Frank Medrano video on youtube and was hooked.
I used to do weight exercises ("bodybuilding" routines) and then I started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and realized that I couldn't keep up with both... I wasn't able to do good on any of them.
I gave up bodybuilding and stuck with BJJ (which is amazing and everyone should do, btw) but I feel that I should get stronger (1.83m / 83kg), so here I am.
Before my question, I did a slight modification on SimpleFit program (right on my first try, what a jerk :P) based on many calisthenics articles I read. Instead of *squats* I will do *leg raises* variations (abs/core) and use my gym on Saturdays to do *heavy* leg workouts.

Finally, to my questions:
- Is there anyone using simplefit on top of other exercises?
- How are you feeling/progressing?
- Are you taking any suplement (whey protein, creatine, pre-workout...)?
- If you have knowledge on these subjects, what do you think about this routine? (BJJ Mon-Fri (1h) + SF Mon,Wed,Fri + Leg workouts on Sat)

I started SimpleFit on Level 4 and was able to complete in average time. I use whey protein, creatine and multi-vitamins.

Amazing stuff this kind of exercise, I wish I had known it earlier in life :).

Let me know your thoughts, thanks.