Is there any value in subbed pull-ups?

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Is there any value in subbed pull-ups?

Post by angrywaterbottle »

Hi guys,

I was a lurker here once who benefited massively from this program and getting to a level of fitness I was very happy with. But I fell off over the past year or two and I've gotten back almost all the fat I burned off and more. (I'm a 5'1" guy and currently almost 182 lbs.) I'm having trouble doing pull-ups this time around. (No trouble at all last time.) I can't do a single one now.

I saw that 3 subbed = 1 normal pull-up. I started off trying to jump up and just hold the bar but after 1 or 2 reps I can't do anymore. My arms give away and I go back down to the starting position. So I'm trying to do pull-ups using both my legs but I feel like I'm using my legs entirely and barely any work is being done by my back and arms.

Any suggestions? Should I just keep trying and see if my reps start to come as (hopefully) my weight/bodyfat drops?

This is really demoralizing :(
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Re: Is there any value in subbed pull-ups?

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Had the same problem, takes time to build up strength.

What worked for me is doing 3 to 5 sets of 1 and gradually worked up - done this in conjunction with another program called maxcapacitytraining before I switched to simplefit and I can now do 8 pullups quite easily. Patient persistence (unfortunately) is the key but little wins like adding 1 pullup to your successive count do motivate :)

There was also a tree outside my house which I used as a pull up bar, I would do max reps every time I passed it, starting out at 1 ;) Not sure home much this helped but it was fun and a nice gauge of progression outside of regular exercise.

Good luck!
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Re: Is there any value in subbed pull-ups?

Post by j.bob »

Hey. I have a similar problem. Im 190 cm tall and weight 96 kg and cant do a single pushup. Its like my back is weak while all other muscles are pretty strong (i can bench press 110kg at the moment). I AM doing exercises for back - I do back on Tuesdays - whole workout is back-only.
I dont understand why pullup are so hard to do?!?! Maybe Im just too heavy...
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