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My routine

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I alternate between workouts A and B below, usually with a rest day in between.

Workout A:
2k Row (sub 8 mins), followed by a Simplefit day 2* workout .
*The day 2 level I choose depends on my energy level that day, but I try to challenge myself. Usually around level 5 at present.
I replace air squats with goblet squats with a 16kg (35lb) kettlebell for all levels.

Workout B:
2k Row (sub 8 mins), followed by 5 rounds of 15 x Kettlebell (KB) sumo high pull, 15 x KB swings, 10 x burpees, 15 x air squats, 10 x pushups).

This routine came about as I have access to a concept 2 rowing machine and a 16kg kettlebell, and I was looking for a way to add in rowing to my workouts at home.

I did simplefit before up to level 6 day 2 or 3, but I lost interest for some reason after that.
I like the simplicity of the above routine, I don't have to reference anything besides simplefit day 2, and I know most of them by now.
As a result I've been able to stick with this for a few months now and I'm starting to see good results.

Might see about adding a "C" workout later on if I feel that there are gaps in the above in terms of muscle groups being worked, but for now it's sufficient.

Wondering if anyone sees any major gaps?