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Genetic Weight

Post by stephenmorrow »

How do you find out how much you are genetically supposed to weigh?
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Re: Genetic Weight

Post by Ghokun »

stephenmorrow wrote:How do you find out how much you are genetically supposed to weigh?
It is like asking, how fast is this car supposed to go?

It depends on how much you press the pedals, though the model of car affects the speed.
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Post by scumdogg »

Great analogy Ghokun! I think that at beginner and intermediate levels genetics plays a very minor role, instead, effort and dedication will determine your success. Even at elite levels perseverance keeps some athletes in classes they should not be in based solely on their genetics (slow metabolism, small frame, etc.) Don't use genetics as an excuse to give up.
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Re: Genetic Weight

Post by trianata »

I know some doctors who perform tests that can tell you what you're genetically predisposed to weigh. I'm not sure if it's possible for it to be accurate, but it does sound interesting. I haven't tried it yet because it's so expensive. I mean it's very pricey and student health insurance won't cover it.
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