Need help with my strange diet

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Need help with my strange diet

Post by trentv »

I just turned 17, I want to gain muscle and improve muscle definition/tone. I'm ready to seriously commit to this program, but before I start I need to fix my diet.

I am 6'1 and weigh 145 pounds. I usually have lots of energy and feel very healthy.

I basically live on bread and fruit, and eat very similarly every day. I embarrassingly admit I have zero vegetables or meat in my diet, I've never had a taste for either. I could probably eat some carrots or celery, but I plan on remaining vegetarian. I used to drink a lot of milk, but I became lactose intolerant a few months ago, so thats out.

Breakfast is a bowl of cheerios, lunch is a peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread with fruit, a granola bar, some juice. I always eat a bowl of ramen in the evening along with more fruit. I end the day with a bowl of cereal or some toast.

I take a daily multivitamin and drink "Muscle Milk" protein shakes post workout.

I'm not sure how I'm even alive with this diet, let alone feeling healthy, but I'm ready to improve. I don't have a problem eating the same thing day after day so long as I like it.

Can you help me improve my diet for this program?
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Re: Need help with my strange diet

Post by Benhamine »

I'm surprised your alive too haha. That diet seems pretty bare bones (not that I'm a nutritionist). You'll see people tossing around the paleo thing mostly (it does work) which can be hard if you're going vegetarian (not impossible though see sites like but I'd say you could really benefit from getting some real meat protein in your diet. It's going to be tough to bulk up on a diet anywhere near the diet you're on now. Also I'm 6'1 and my jaw dropped when I saw the 145. That seems way too low. Like I said though, I'm no nutritionist. This is just stuff I've learned on my own. You may benefit from sitting down with a nutritionist at least to get your diet fixed.

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Re: Need help with my strange diet

Post by li7h »

Hi trentv,

I'm in a somewhat similar height/weight to you. 6'0 and 143 (last I checked 2 days ago). Something you could try is a modified GOMAD (Gallon of Milk a Day) diet. I know you're lactose intolerant, but get this, LACTAID® is almost identical nutritionally to regular milk. If you can get past the unappealing name, then it may be a way for you to help put on some extra pounds. Info on the GOMAD diet. More info on weight gain you might be interested in. Actually that whole FAQ is awesome.

Good luck!


EDIT: Also, snack on peanuts/almonds/nuts in general throughout the day for extra calories + extra protein.
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Re: Need help with my strange diet

Post by Bri3626 »

You only have a couple choices here really, Eat meat, drink milk, and eat vegetables. If you want to get fit you have to convert and get away from the junk. You could always try protein bars but I'm still waiting to see someone who actually got fit eating them. You won't be 17 forever and although 40 may seem a long way off its closer than you think. Starting healthy habits now will save a lot of probelms in the long run.
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Re: Need help with my strange diet

Post by KTG »

For the long run, you've just got to get the fruit and vegetables.
If you like peanut butter, try apples or bananas with peanut butter. Put some raisins in your peanut butter sandwich (or a sliced banana). Get baby carrots to snack on. Drink smoothies (frozen fruit, frozen bananas, and buttermilk or yogurt). Get washed bagged spinach, sliced mushrooms, and cherry or grape tomatoes to make quick salads. Throw a can on albacore tuna in with that and it's dinner.
Go to Trader Joe's or Costco and you can get pretty cheap almonds or walnuts to snack on.
Try whole grain pasta instead of the ramen. It's very cheap at Wallmart.
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