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Simplefit nutrition plan

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This is the fastest healthiest way to lose fat and keep it off.
I personally went from 212 to 170 eating like this and never count calories or go hungry.

Every meal you should eat:
* Protein: small amount (palm of hand size) eg. chicken, fish, eggs, or lean grass fed beef
* Carbohydrates: as much fresh non starchy vegetables as you want and a little fresh fruit
* Fat: nuts, avocado, or olive oil (avoid trans fats or hydrogenated oils)

you can expect to lose about 3lbs of fat a week which is the max possible:

if you have lost more than this on other diets you were probably losing:
water (bad)
clearing gi tract (good)
muscle (bad)

Note: This is not a fad diet, people actually ate like this for millions of years up until the last few thousand and the advent of agriculture.

recommended foods:
* (organic) vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds.
* (free-range, organic, grass fed) meat

It does not get any more simple than that :)

More details here

*Speak to your Dr before changing your diet.

Here are some books I really recommend
Paleo Diet: Loren Cordain, Ph.D.
Mastering The Zone: DR Sears Barry PH.D.

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